The World Is Just Awesome

This happened to me recently when I saw this theme song of Discovery Channel! It portrays the world as a beautiful place to live in, but people around the world are not aware of it. They are either busy in there day to day lives or are fighting all over the world on the name of god (I won’t capitalize) or religion hence ignoring the ‘awesomeness’ of this world!

While thinking about this, a sudden idea stuck to my head, that what if all of this just comes to an end? What if either these beautiful things are destroyed or we humans are not left to admire this world! I know it sounds crazy at this stage (Yes, I don’t believe in that theory of doomsday on 21 December 2012 due to some unknown supernatural reasons just because Mayan calendar comes to an end) but just think about it!

I saw another documentary on Discovery Channel this weekend itself, it told the impacts of a meteorite collision on the planet and life after it (if it is still there)! It was spine chilling! It said that even a meteor of diameter of about 6 kms strikes the planet, say somewhere in Mexico, it could create doom for the entire human race, or I should say, all of the life on this planet! But on a wild imaginary scale even if there were a few people who survived, their life would be a living hell!

The first thing that would happen would be a large cloud of dust and gases hovering over the planet! It would block the sun’s energy and rays from reaching the planet for years! This would certainly cause death of all organisms who use photosynthesis process for their living, this means no vegetation, moreover animals who depend on vegetation would perish, so would carnivores, but this won’t be the situation all over the planet!

The place where the comet would strike will be too warm for years at a stretch, and the places away from it would be slowly covered with snow and ice and it will be too cold there due to the dust clouds! If a meteorite strikes Mexico, then Mexico would be boiling but Paris would have temperatures much below normal, even much below the freezing point! People (if survived) there would die of cold or even if they are alive, they would crave for just few minutes of sunbath! Even the tribal people of Africa who haven’t seen snow in their lives, or who even don’t know the word for snow in there language will be in the midst of a vast ocean of ice! Then all would start to migrate to warmer places like the Mediterranean or places near the sea! While going there many would perish in cold or by exhaustion because they won’t have any modes of conveyance in that modern stone age!

Transformers all around the world would burn off and would stop working, the whole world would dip in never ending darkness. There would be no difference between day and night because the dust raised by that strike will completely block the sun’s light! To explain this fact, recall 9/11, the dust raised from a plane crash on the twin towers made the Manhattan sky so hazy for so many days and made the sun appear pale and dim! This was just a plane and a building, but in our case it’s a 6 km diametric celestial body and the whole planet of ours!

Water would be polluted around the world, there would be very less drinking water available everywhere! The pH level would fall much below 7 and people would die for non availability of water. There would be mosses all around the planet because the conditions created would be suitable for the growth of mosses and they will take away the necessary nutrients of the plants useful to us. People will then run out of food and this will lead to killings and fights between humans!

But still after all this, there is a ray of hope, after about 5-6 years the conditions would start becoming normal, agreed that everything will not be like it is today, but it will be a modern day stone age! With no electricity, no proper housing, no connectivity via radio or television and no internet! It will take many many more years for the human race to create all of it again! But still some will survive and will start a new world which I guess, would be much much better than our present world on moral grounds!

Just imagine that what if this day was tomorrow itself, or it was your last day on the planet, what would you do? I guess nothing, even if you wanted to do something, you won’t have the time. So enjoy each and every moment of your precious and the one and the only life you’ve got!

Life is too short to live  and we should enjoy it thoroughly till the last breath, I know there are many like me who don’t have time for themselves and for completing their unfulfilled wishes, but still my advice to those all, please find some time from your busy schedule and enjoy your lives, and yes, don’t forget to party hard at weekends! Work hard and PARTY MUCH MUCH HARDER, because you never know what lies beyond tomorrow!

THE WORLD IS JUST AWESOME! So enjoy its awesomeness before its too late!


10 responses to “The World Is Just Awesome

  1. hey yaar very good
    keep it up
    excellent topic expressed in beautiful way

    this is the first time i m agreeing with my non indian(non foreigner) friend

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  4. I’d have to see eye to eye with you here. Which is not something I usually do! I enjoy reading a post that will make people think. Also, thanks for allowing me to speak my mind!

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