Working with the Underprivileged

Today was the first day of my project with ‘YUVA Unstoppable’ as a instructor of the underprivileged kids at a construction site. (They are poor kids of Construction workers working at that site and some are from the nearby slums).

Our team reached there on time at their school (a one room block with no proper ceiling and walls, what might be their condition during downpours!! feeling so sorry for them :() when they were singing their rhymes (I guess) in Gujarati (that’s why) and after that they were about to have their mid-day meal offered by the government to municipal schools through out the nation, (I hope they are doing this by the book at other places too) So, their meal was just boiled beans with some peppering and stuff, this made me compare my Cheese-Mayonnaise Vegetable sandwich breakfast with their boiled beans, kinda felt sorry for their condition, was also told later that some of them came to school just for the meal coz they are not properly fed at home, also their homes have no electricity, no fans, no lighting…


I interacted with them and got to knew that most of them belonged to Bangladeshi families, their parents have migrated to this part of India in search of work, they are basically nomads who keep on moving from one place to another in search of work, today they are at my project site, tomorrow they might be at some other place… There was one kid among them who couldn’t speak, felt so sorry for him…

After their meals, we distributed ice-cream cups among them and the happiness on their face was worth noticing…

I would also like to mention about Mr. Haresh Trivedi who was there with us at the site and he is the person who has started this noble concept of arranging educational facilities for these slum kids in the entire city, he has open plans to bring these kids from their slum schools to mainstream education system! Kudos to Mr. Trivedi…


For these kids, I have to spare just 3-4 hours a week and if I can bring happiness on their faces (and ultimately to me) then it means a lot and and is more than enough for me…


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