Ahhh!!! Those good old ‘musical’ days…

Before going to bed a few days back, was thinking about the good old days and how I was so in love with a particular radio station in Bombay…

It all started on a short trip to Bombay back in 2004. I was away from home, no internet connection  (I didn’t even have my iPod then:( and was desperate for my daily dose of music. I had no hope on Radio as it sucks big time in Ahmedabad (U get the same repeats with artificially flavored RJs trying to be smart and failing miserably. I still remember the times when new FM channels were introduced in Ahmedabad and we all got so excited and equally disappointed by the second day!).

On that destined day, I was just kidding around with the FM radio in my dad’s cell phone (yeah, in those days it was new and exciting. :D), and accidentally I hit the 92.5 Mhz bingo it was GO 92.5 with Malini cheerfully chirping superfast with a slight accent about something and I fell in love with that hot-chocolate voice. She played some song, yeah, Dr. Bombay’s SOS, but who cares I was eagerly waiting for the song to finish and the commercials to end (BTW, I am an AD-MAN, and it means that I skip channels and surf through the never ending dramas to see the advertisements!). Malini came on air and she again stared melting my heart with that hot-chocolate voice which by then I realized has also some walnuts sprinkled liberally… J

Anyways that was love at fisrt sound and just to add the icing to the cake the music was quite contemporary.(Kind of relief from the usual crappy bollywood music meant for people who are either dhoti clad , paan spittin goonks or twits wearing tight yellow Govinda bollywood pants that stick in the crack) So, from then on I used to tune into the evening radio with Malini’s ’Horn Ok Please’. Once it happened that I wasn’t able to tune in on an evening but reluctantly tuned in a bit late at night  and it was Chris spinning his magic with so much of and good 90’s music.. I felt very good that my radio channel truly knows what I want.. and was very happy.. I didn’t know that I had something major in store for me..

It was once on a fine weekday morning I heard 2 more RJ’s and guess what.. they were Jaggu and Tarana.. with their extremely fresh show ’Good Morning Mumbai’.. A small confession between you and me, when I am writing about Good Morning Mumbai I started feeling goose bumps 🙂 The moment I heard them I knew that I am back with my friends.. they are so good, spontaneous, natural, witty, funny, nice-hearted, down to earth, fun-loving, relaxed (ok, I can hear U shouting to stop using more words!) The show is just made for them.. with ’Good Morning Mumbai’ my mornings became really good.. It is as good as three friends chatting together (just to avoid confusion, it is me, Jaggu & tarana).. I know U will force me to confess whom I like the most between jaggu and tarana.. Jaggu is a large hearted, amazing sense of humor, great sporting spirit, proper ’Sindhi’-pan person who always gets distracted with all the hotties and so I like him for that but me being a man I absoultey adore Tarana.. she is so multi-faceted, warm, lively, kiddish and mature.. ok dont get me started again.. If I have to chose only one favourite RJ it would be TARANA..:)

As time passed, the name got changed and so did the programming style, the good old GO is now 90% bollywood music playing radio station Radio One (and here in Ahmedabad, its 100%) just like any other crappy Bollywood station that honks ‘Bhootni Ke’ 3 times a day…But it’s still some good RJs like Malini who make their shows rock on this typical, now not so unusual and ‘hat ke’ radio station…

After all, ‘All Good Things Do Come To An End’…


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