A ray of Hope…

Mr. President’s another outstanding move for the betterment of the situation in the Middle East – the withdrawal of approximately 90,000 American troops (out of 1,43,000, remaining 50,000 will remain there till December 2011) from the war torn nation of Iraq has brought cheers down the spine of the militia and their families. Thanks to Michael Holmes (CNN) for showing the inside story of the situation there and the spark of happiness on the faces of those soldiers.

US troops leaving Iraq

US troops leaving Iraq

This move is no doubt good but I was recently moved by the report I saw on CNN last morning about a mother reminiscing the memories of her only son who got killed in this so called ‘war on terror’ (which kills more civilians than terrorists). I am not Anti American but still just ponder on this thought, CNN is showing the story from the American point of view on the killing of America’s few 1000 soldiers but what about the stories of those1.5 lakh Iraqi civilians who succumbed their lives in this war incepted by Mr. Bush back in the spring of 2003, their stories need a voice too. I agree Saddam was an a****le but the situation of the country was much better than as its today until after 2003 when Mr. Bush conquered the nation for quenching this thirst of oil for America. The nation was doing fine on its own and there was no need ‘conquering’ it. The way in which US is behaving in Afghanistan and Iraq, it is bound to get terrorism on its land by the enraged people ‘termed’ as terrorists from these nations (take 9/11 as example). Its high time for America to consider FACT or else there could be another  ‘9/11 like’ plan being framed somewhere in the Middle Eastern deserts.

Anyways Americans have taken a correct decision by being in the favor of the Democrats and honestly, I feel that Mr. President will be successful in reversing (or reaching a bit nearer to) the devastating effects in the middle east brought out  by the Republican Government and let’s hope that Iraq is totally free from US troops till next year end (as promised).

Lets look upon this as a ‘ray of hope’ for the better future of Iraq. Amen.


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