Never Ever Ever Ever Love thy Neighbor – 1

Disclaimer:This post is inspired by my TRUE recent experiences with MY OWN ANNOYING NEIGHBOR!!! So no part or character of this story is fictious, there CAN be a damn relation of this post with a person or an event. If NO such thing occurs to any person THEN it will be referred to as just a co-incidence.

‘Ding Dong’ rings the doorbell shattering every bit of peace and silence in your room, half asleep you glance the time in your cell, “Midnight, Who could be at my door at such a time?” you think, “Is it some kinda emergency? or else who the f*** would disturb me at this hour”, you put on your slippers lying by the bedside and rush for the door and as soon as you open it, a disgusting surprise awaits you on the other side, your (not so) friendly neighbor asking for “A Carton of milk for tomorrow morning as my guests need their cuppa tea at the break of the dawn (as if they would put the house on fire if they don’t get it) and the milkman is as usual late” and further adds “Don’t worry, i will return it tomorrow” And ‘that’ tomorrow never comes…

Four days later: ‘Ding Dong’, you are in the shower, 7 AM, getting ready for work, before thinking any further on who would have shown up, you blindly assume that it’s your neighbor for who else on this planet but your neighbor has the tendency to show up at such odd hours, you take your time, get dressed and move towards the door and by that time the neighbor has banged your door and malfunctioned your doorbell on no response, you open the door and praise yourself silently for your correct guess. “Are you Okay? I was knocking on the door since last 20 minutes” (as if I don’t know what a knock is) asks the neighbor who ‘fakely’ seems concerned “Oh yeah, I totally heard, so it was you who was banging my door for last half an hour!!! I heard but I was in the shower, after all everyone doesn’t get up so early like you uncle (to annoy the neighbors)”. The neighbor continues, “Actually I need a favor from you”. “Go on uncle, that’s what neighbors are for”. “Can I borrow your cellphone for a while? I have no balance”. You know its more of a demand rather than a request so you handle him your cell.

On the following beautiful Sunday morning: “Ding Dong”, you get up startled thinking the doorbell as your alarm, look at the time, ”Gosh, 9 AM, I am so late”, after a minute you realise that its a Sunday and have a sigh of relief and are ready to go back to sleep, “Ding Dong” the doorbell again, you get up frustrated. straight out of the bed you head towards the door and again its your (not so) friendly neighbor asking for your car keys, “My Car is out for servicing and I have to go, I will fill in the required fuel”, “Okay uncle, I don’t have enough fuel in my car, so get it filled from the nearest gas station”, the smile on the neighbor’s face suddenly fades for he might have not expected you to agree on his offer and he goes away with a dry thanks.

These are just few examples of how tragic some neighbors can be. This is what happens if one becomes overly friendly with one’s neighbor, they consider your stuff as theirs, your cellphone as theirs and even your car, (I wonder how they are able to face themselves in the mirror the following morning) and these are just 3 examples I have stated. Well such things have made me learn an important lesson which I call “The Platinum Rule:Never Ever Ever Ever love Thy Neighbor” and surely, its higher than the Bible’s Golden Rule :D. And mind you, these are true events that I have experienced with my neighbor. After all this I have realised how a neighbor to neighbor relation should be (the good old saying, ‘Good fences makes good neighbors’ seems totally true) It should be like: You just exchange greetings in the hallway or whenever you encounter, visit them just on certain occasions/events, (the most important) respect their privacy and call the cops if you find something fishy going on at their place. That’s it!!! Oh wait, I just wrote down the closing lines for preamble of ‘The Bro Code for Neighbors’ 😀

to be continued…


5 responses to “Never Ever Ever Ever Love thy Neighbor – 1

  1. dude dis is awesome……!!
    especially idea of “disclaimer” is out of box..

    keep going… share it wid ur neighbor!!!!:-)
    eagerly waiting for next post..

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