Pakistan doesn’t need you anymore!!

Some people never give up and the former Pakistani dictator General Parvez Musharraf stands true to this saying. After being shamefully overthrown from power and mercilessly sent to exile (well, he deserved it) and the wave of democracy that covered Pakistan, he declared from London that he is going to form his own party from London named All Pakistan Muslim League (APML) to fight for the upcoming Pakistan’s presidential elections in 2013.

Now what riles me most is the blatancy of this fellow. After gulping the fact that there is no chance for him in Pakistan now, he turned towards ‘respectfully’ fighting for the elections as a candidate as in his speech he said that he wants to do something to his ‘dear’ country, but seriously if he cared so much for Pakistan then in his reign for 8 years or so, he could have shown the path of democracy for Pakistan then itself, but No, he wanted to have it all by being the sole dictator of the already troubled nation, its good that former Pakistani Prime Ministers Nawaz Sharif and Benazir Bhutto showed some courage and began the wave of protests against Musharraf in the country, I remember how it all began by that ‘Red Mosque’ issue in Islamabad 3 years back followed by Nawaz Sharif’s return to Pakistan and it turned out to be good for the country, for now Pakistan is again a democratic nation in the eyes of the world, though the new government is not praiseworthy but its much better than Musharraf’s dictatorship and good for relations with India (after all International pressures are upon Zardari)

Well but its Musharraf only who got Bhutto killed (you know that, don’t you?) for he was afraid that she will be again in power and that was certainly not good for him and his reign. After a lot of hustle, Zardari becoming the president, Musharraf giving up his uniform, he was sent to exile and now he stays in London. But this statement by him a few days ago made me wonder that how some people can be so barefaced. Anyways let’s hope that he is not able to form his party or even somehow if he manages to do it, lets wish him all the very worst for the elections after all Pakistan doesn’t want to be ruled by a tyrant ‘government’ (read ‘dictator’) again.


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