Of Random Musings And Nice Guys…

I want to write. But I can’t think of anything to write about. So I’m just rambling about this topic with the help of thoughts aroused by a recent chat over relationships with some of my friends. Sometimes I think I can’t write on demand. It has to flow by itself. Like the last few lines have.

I also think you have to believe in what you write. When you have passion for the topic, it shows in the words that flow out of your pen. (in this case-Keyboard)

I have already rambled on for a bit now. So I will go on what one of my good friend calls a random tangent. Do you think nice guys finish last? I think nice guys of my age do. Maybe it’s because girls don’t want nice guys, at least until it is time for marriage. No doubt, there are exceptions. But in general, I find that most girls like bad guys. Either they just want to have some fun, or they want to mould the bad guy into their perfect guy. After a while, they realize that it is a futile effort, that the guy isn’t likely to change. So in the end, they settle down with a nice guy.

That is why I said that at MY age, nice guys do finish last. When it’s time to marry, they’re prize catches. So does that mean they are to wait around until girls get tired of the bad guys?

I consider myself to possess more of the nice guy traits or any person who knows me ‘adequately’ would agree with this. I often think about the predicament faced by our kind. Sometimes I consider acting like a bad guy to improve my chances with girls of my age. But I know inside that I’m not built to act like a bad guy. Besides, even if I pull it off and manage to interest a girl, eventually I will get tired of pretending to be someone I’m not and go back to being my usual self. This will most likely result in the girl thinking that I have changed, followed by her leaving me. So I give up those thoughts before even strategizing their implementation.

So the gist of it is that nice guys are doomed to wait until girls get tired of the bad guys, or they realize that it is time to settle down with someone who is a really nice guy. Unless, of course, nice guys are open to putting in substantial effort and pretend to be a bad guy, or their girl is sensible enough to understand how lucky she is to have a nice guy by his side.

Why do girls like bad guys? I don’t know. I’m not a girl. If I did know, I would not be here pondering about it to myself. But if there are any girls out there reading this post, (well that’s a rarity :D) please comment the reply to the above question.

What defines a bad guy? He is more likely to treat the girl as less than equal. He may not take any effort in pampering the girl. He may not be chivalrous with her. He may ask the girl to change the things he doesn’t like in her. He may not respect her, her choices or her tastes. The nice guy is more likely to do be the opposite. But he is also more likely to prefer diplomacy over confrontation. He ‘probably’ wouldn’t pick up a fight with a guy who felt up his girl in a club, like a bad guy might (of course unless the bad guy goes out of the limits). The nice guy also prefers practicality over impulsiveness.

As I write this, I think I realize why girls don’t like nice guys…they’re not crazy enough…


One response to “Of Random Musings And Nice Guys…

  1. its not lyk girls r always attracted to bad guys, those who r immature crave for baddies but those who hav grown up get the fact u hve mentioned.

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