I am growing old!!! :(

Heh heh, not really, its just some points identify with me from the article ‘22 signs that you have grown old’ from ‘The Curious diary of Mr Jam’ by Nury Vittachi… (A blog written by people who are wrongly believed to be unfunny, including Chinese Officials, Muslim Imams, Asians in General, rocks etc. Through that blog they claim that they are funny, sometimes unintentionally. At least this is what THEY say on that blog) What points?! Read on.

  • You know you have grown up when you hear the local supermarket employee call you "Sir" for the first time. 
  • You know you have gone one step further when the kids in the neighborhood call you "Uncle"
  • The tunes you used to “rock out” to are now playing in elevators.
  • It’s Saturday night, instead of going to a pub you attend a classic rock concert or you have no-one to see and nowhere to go, and you think: Yippee!
  • The end of the movie is no longer when the fun begins, it’s when the date ends.
  • Your fridge contains items which are not beer. (Well technically I don’t blame this, Gujarat is a dry state)
  • Taking a nap changes from something you are forced to do, to something you look forward to.
  • The words “summer holiday” no longer makes you think of an endless vacation, but a snatched break in Dubai.
  • You say the same thing about modern music that your parents said about your music. “Where’s the melody?”
  • You eat vegetables willingly.

Score: 10/22… Am I really growing old?! Naaah, am just 19, I say I am not growing old, I am growing up…

For me, getting old is when you wake up with the “morning after” feeling without having had the night before.


3 responses to “I am growing old!!! :(

  1. Well I am growing up too!!!These things will change with time and there’ll be phases but I enjoy being 19 :-)and the phase of being childish and being a grown up too!!

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