I admit it: I’m a CNN addict!!!

And I am alone in this matter, but who cares???

Last week, I actually bunked one of my lectures so I could go home, put on my Pyjamas and see what Hala Gorani had Untitledto say at the International Desk.

It’s all part of the entertainment reality show of contemporary World Politics. There are the compelling narratives of the candidates, and then, on CNN at least, the hosts who embody archetypes of modern American society. Who needs to watch soap operas? Or read novels, for that matter?

A day with CNN is like checking in with a colourful array of characters, straight out of central casting. Who has a name like Wolf Blitzer except some construct in a white beard who addresses the America’s ills in a news set called ‘The Situation Room’?

My morning breakfast is incomplete without Anderson Cooper 360 and his witty remarks on Sarah Palin 😉 Anderson Cooper is Mr. Ralph Lauren. The son of some American socialite, he has the entitled air of someone born with a silver spoon in his mouth. But he tries so hard to hide it! He goes to hurricane hot spots in his hip waders and reports from flooded streets like a reporter-dude who can empathize with the masses and get dirty, too.

Then comes Larry King in the afternoon. Is it me or is he becoming more bad-tempered? The king of the softball questions has taken to jutting his jaw out in the manner of a grandpa adjusting his dentures.

CNN evenings come with Kristie Lu Stout from Hong Kong, (who by the way has weird eye-brows) one of my preferred anchor and with her World Report becomes even more appealing.

Then Hala Gorani With International Desk gives the synopsis of all major news stories from all over the planet and its one of the best shows the channel has to offer.

Michael Holmes’ Backstory on weekends is hard for me to miss, all behind the scenes of the major news stories summed up in half an hour, my favorite one being when he visited Afghanistan and reported in local Afghani attire. And of course, I totally miss Christine Amanpour, damn she left for abc (or Fox!)

Of course, the pundits and reporters the hosts bring on, often the same ones hour after hour from Jakarta to Abu Dhabi are addictive too.

For me Rehab begins… ummmm… NEVER!!!


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