Winter Glee!!!

Winter’s here FINALLY!! Well I just adore this season, why shouldn’t I? Living in a ‘hot’ country like India where sun shines above 35 C for most of the year and sometimes 45 C+ in summers, winters come more as a relief… Winter this year was particularly awaited for in Ahmedabad the summers were extremely hot and the rains poured heavily on the city turning the city intro Venice, I recall I once hitch hiked in a truck to reach college in on account of the waterlogged roads and the summer sun had tanned me to the extent that my friends at college commented on how dark I’ve turned during the vacation period…

There is no other feeling like snuggling up in a warm cozy room whilst looking through the window at the scene outside where it’s definitely not going to be warm, and those lazy winter mornings when you repeatedly put your alarm on snooze to enjoy few more minutes of being comfortably wrapped up in the warm blanket. Come to think of it you can’t be this cozy in summer can you? And Yeah, there’s also nothing like waking up to a hot cuppa coffee and a cold crisp clean winter morning for wrapping yourself up and going out for a refreshing walk either! This kinda gives you a warm glow inside and the sun appears to be much kinder.

Also another thing I like about winters is it’s long chilly starry nights. Lying on your back on the rooftop in a sweatshirt and wrapped in a blanket, looking at the bright starry sky, self introspecting, thinking about the concept of infinity (and sometimes even falling asleep to get up to watch the beautiful sunrise in early winter months)… It may sound dull and boring but give it a try, you’ll get wonderful feeling which they call peace of mind. And it would be even better if the pale winter moon is shining above you. For those of you who really find it boring, try star spotting for winter’s the time of year when you have got clear skies and the brightest of the starts in the sky, go try spotting Orion, Pleiades, Cassiopeia, Taurus, Sirius and if you’re lucky you’ll be able to see Andromeda Galaxy with naked eye, well I haven’t been lucky enough for I stay in a light-polluted city. And you gotta admit that full moon looks far more beautiful in winter.

There is this privacy about winter which no other season gives you… In spring, summer, rains and fall people sort of have an open season on each other, only in the winter can you have longer, quiet stretches when you can savor belonging to yourself, feels like heaven. The calmness and serenity of the wintry night’s perfect for this.

And also the long wintry weekend nights when you feel like just laying down on the couch with a bowl of pop corn and catch up on a movie on HBO (one can’t deny it’s the best movie channel in India) and with friends together it’s even more fun and knowing that you can stay in bed the next morning if you don’t have to go to work is an even better feeling when it is winter. When you wake up put on the radio (for me Absolute UK’s Classic Rock Radio works best on Sunday Mornings), read a good book, sip piping hot coffee whilst still wrapped in a duvet. Such minute little things makes one adore winter even more.

At last the most appealing part of winter to me is it’s lost and lonely moonlit nights when one can go biking in the wee hours on Airport-Gandhinagar Highway without being bothered by traffic or cops (man,I realize how lucky I am to be staying in Gandhinagar) and literally it feels like heaven, the chilly winds, the moonlight, the deserted highway and your bike at 80kmph(well of course I don’t ride a Harley Davidson). And there is the thing I do often, writing my diary in the moonlight on the rooftop with Eagles and Pink Floyd in my earphones, crazy, ain’t it? I know but the tranquility you get on moonlit winter nights can’t be matched with any other time of the year…

So this entire stretch of Fall-Winter-Spring is no doubt the best part of the year here in India, of course after that comes sultry summers and muddy rains, though summer nights and first few showers are welcome but one just can’t enjoy in such weather, the summer sun burns you and the rains leaves you kinda grounded, you can’t move around hassle free. So here I am well prepared to enjoy the winters, after all we’ve got just about 3 months of it…


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