The Great Indian Media Joke!!!

Indian media is a joke. A joke gone terribly, terribly wrong. I guess I should give some credit that we have a functioning free press at all, but sometimes I wish we didn’t. The newspapers, even the best ones are all crap. Fortunately there’s always the British – meaning there’s always The Guardian and The Telegraph. The TV reporters are less talented (and attractive) than the Fox News morning whores news anchors which we have seen on youtube. Sarah Palin would love it, but I hate it.

Talking about ‘The Times Of India’ the most read English Newspaper of the nation, it has a really good track record when it comes to journalism. It copies news from blogs, Digg, changes interviews and puts them as given by some other person and what not.

TOI knows what to do, so as to remain glued to its readers.
Fault is not in TOI, but in us. Everyone will agree that Hindu has a very high quality of news, but it lacks those semi-nude photographs of models and the other hot-talks, and the consequences are that Hindu’s readership has gone down like anything. But at the same time TOI’s readership has sky-rocketed just because it has introduced all those ‘items’ which readers will love to see. If I were to make a list of those ‘items’ which everyone wants to see in the newspapers it could be something like this:

  • Semi-nude photographs (Nude will be welcome)
  • Bollywood masala news.
  • Affairs of High Profile people.
  • What’s happening in the City’s Party Circle…who boozed where and with whom did she come, wearing what and also a snap of that.
  • Latest Songs/TV Soaps/Movies advertisement.
  • Anything filthy which people can remember for the whole day/week/month… say MMS or Kareena’s video or Mallika’s photo etc. etc.

And the newspaper which will contain these ingredients will surely hit the market. And TOI is doing exactly this. I wonder, whether TOI sucks or its our taste… If TOI really is that bad then I am sure that it won’t service in the market, but look at the way they are picking up readership… In Bangalore, I encountered Deccan Herald, Deccan Herald = Younger Brother of TOI, except for less of P3P sucking, it’s got loads of ads.

Hindu being the best is not available in Ahmedabad, so I have to resort to the online edition but even better than The Hindu is the British Newspaper ‘The Guardian’ which gives some ‘quality’ news. But its kinda sad that we don’t have a single meaningful newspaper here in this city of population above 50 lakhs. Sad smile 

Talking about the Electronic Media in India… Well, don’t even get me started on it, if they get some time after the adverts and rumour spreading, astrology and crap then they transmit some cheap news. In the matter of adverts, sensible and responsible media groups like Times Now And Headlines Today are on the top too. In this case also we are the ones to blame, we promote this horseshit by watching such cheap news channels. And Yeah, the astrology shows, Teleshopping, Bollywood News (I doubt whether the bollywood crap can be termed ‘News’) and The Daily Soap Digest are prevalent even on premier English News Channels.

Hence, as I always claim, CNN is the best. Winking smile Guys, Go Beyond Borders!!!


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