Suicides on the name of the state!! (Phewww… Goodness)

Wanna have an Indian state on your name??? All you have to do is find some especially gruesome way of killing yourself. Lighting yourself on fire is always popular, though using gasoline is kind of cheating because you die a liiiiitttle too early on. Hunger strikes are nice and slow, but not all that dramatic at the end of the day. Maybe a hunger strike followed by grilling yourself on an open BBQ? This has the benefit of some irony and chicken thrown in. You’ll have your own poverty-stricken, unnecessary, and doomed to fail state in no time!

One gets to read the Telangana suicide reports quite frequently in the print these days. I suppose this should make make me sad. These poor people are killing themselves out of desperation for their freedom. Sad smile

Bugger! (The original ‘Fuck that!’). These people are just plain annoying. They are killing themselves for nothing and making everyone else’s life miserable in the process. The good news though is that stupid people are doing us all a favor and getting rid of themselves (as opposed to the US where they become the governor of Alaska). The bad news is that India has A LOT of very stupid people and the solar system has very few asteroids. This might take some time.


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