Egypt is Free! Egypt is Free! but what about India?

Watching live footage of Cairo’s Tahrir Square on CNN past midnight I can feel the enthusiasm and excitement among the protesters. Blowing horns, fireworks and the shouts of ‘Egypt Is Free! Egypt Is Free!’ Figuratively a hair raising phenomena. Now with the downfall of Hosni Mubarak’s 32 year old dictatorship What’s next for Egypt? Meanwhile the army has taken control of the situation and is in power but as UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown says that its a golden opportunity for Egypt to create a new and stable government.

Strange it is how this all began from facebook in June 2010 and the wave of hope for freedom spread like wildfire and the protests began in January 2011 and on 18th day the dictator ‘puppet of the USA’ Mubarak was brought down on his knees. This goes on to show that we the people have a strong tool in our hand which has potential to even bring down a 3 decade old dictatorship.

Here in India such a protest is impossible… I know we are a democracy but what I mean is a protest of the scale of Egypt, I know what you are thinking that the blogger is crazy who wants such protests without a reason, huh? But open your eyes and look around you, there are many issues which need to be addressed in the nation and it won’t be possible to solve the burning issues until a strong million plus voice falls on the deaf ears of the Indian Government. We are past the Gandhian era, we need to realise this and so does the Government. Many issues need urgent attention, the corruption, bloody ‘overbribed’ politicos, Kasab issue, MNS and the Thackeray brothers nuisance, Aarushi Talwar, Jessica lall and Priyadarshini Mattoo like murder cases. Nothing will happen until someone raises a voice.

The problem with the system is that it’s too slow and and leaves us hopeless and frustrated, it’s been more than 2 years, the entire nation saw the footage of Kasab showering bullets at VT but still he is kept safe and is awaiting his judgement and government is appointing lawyers to defend him, I know this is a part of the system but this is when system becomes a hindrance, and then it gives rise to many Utsav’s.

Why Kasab is not hanged yet? why it took a decade to punish murderer of Jessica Lall? Why is Aarushi Talwar case is going no where? Why are the Thackeray brothers and saffron brigade opposing the idea of democracy in the nation? Why are politicians getting richer with the help of Rs. 300 Crore worth bribe? Why even after 63 years of Independence 300 million people go to bed empty stomach? Why regionalism and castiesm are still prevalent? WHY? WHY? WHY?

The answer to all the above whys is obviously our corrupt system, Yes we are a democracy but just on paper, its the politicians who ‘rule’ upon us and get richer by the day with the money of the common man and we are just mute spectators of this ‘Great Indian Tamasha’ happening around us. And yeah, guess one day who could come to our rescue, facebook. If it has potential to bring down a strong dictator on his knees then our politicos are mere finger play for it.


3 responses to “Egypt is Free! Egypt is Free! but what about India?

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