Is India A Soft Nation?

I would say Yes! It is a soft nation or rather fearful of taking risks. It is so because of our culture and religion. Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi once said ‘If someone slaps you, put your other cheek forward’. The Gandhian ideologies is what we as a nation follow today but its high time we realize that We are past the Gandhian era, if world bitch-slaps us, we don’t need to put the other cheek forward, instead we should retaliate back with equal force. ‘Tit For Tat’ is the equation.

We got independence through the principle of Peace, non violence and other such forms of horse manure but I don’t think that these qualities are or should be adopted in today’s world and if we think properly then we can see that this might be the reason for the delay of Independence. All say that it’s because of Gandhi India got independence but what about Bhagat Singh, Rajguru, Sukhdev etc.? I deeply admire the krantikaris who ended up being martyrs in the struggle for freedom and I don’t think that we would have achieved freedom just with the help of Gandhian ideologies. The British were not foolish enough to go away with the help of the non violent protests advocated by Gandhi.

We have seen the negative outcomes of this attitude. As we sat quiet China invaded and took in control some part of Kashmir also Pakistan occupied one-third part of Kashmir and we still are facing border issues. China even today claims that some parts of Arunachal Pradesh are under its own territory and it has proceeded to the extent of entering the Indian land and painting the rocks with the name ‘China’ in Arunachal Pradesh and still India doesn’t seem to do anything or rather doesn’t seem to care. I remember when the Chinese PM Hu Jin Tao visited India in 2007 when the issue was fresh, the Indian PM Manmohan Singh didn’t even mention this issue in front of him, what greater proof one would want for India’s softness? Now the time has come that India should give up its so called softness and should become aggressive because today the softness of a nation is taken for granted and is considered as a weakness. I am saying this because the countries like Pakistan and China are testing India’s patience in many ways. So to bring these countries to ground and to show that we are not unarmed India must give up its soft nature.

Now you would say that What about the Kargil War and the China Invasion of 1961? Didn’t India retaliated equally? Yes it did! Because it had to. One can’t expect anyone to sit with folded hands if someone with the entire army enters one’s land and tries to capture it.

Coming to the most debated Kasab issue, everyone saw him showering bullets at VT on the video captured of him but still he is not hanged yet. The government has put him into jail, is feeding him for last 2 years and adhering to all his demands, appointing lawyers to defend him and giving him special treatment. Here in this country sometimes people are hanged for rapes and murders but a sure shot terrorist like Kasab is still the safest fellow in Bombay. I know its the part of the system but this particular face of the system is the biggest hindrance. If it were some other nation in place of India, the accused would have been dead by now.

To conclude, here the corrupt politicians and bureaucrats do not get punished, conviction of terrorists hangs fire for long, murky deals are done yet the culprits roam Scot-free, poor are trampled upon, police reform is a far cry, third grade defence equipments are bought compromising national security, foreign policy is shaped to accommodate US interest and above all vote bank politics is played from the panchayat election to the presidential election. Being a mute spectator to all these without coming forward and raising a unified protest, we the citizens of India are adding to its softness.


One response to “Is India A Soft Nation?

  1. this indian country is full of hijadas(eunuchs) they have not stood up for centuries aganist invasion , they like to romantisize non violence to extent of its own people i just want to give one example look at germany what path it took under hiltler it is one of the richest nation in world and look at us what this bullshit non violence has done to us , no body takes india seriously and we are just invisible in global affairs the time has come that it has to change drastically in 21st century thanks

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