Of Dirty People And Stinks

Dirty People hmmm!! I know what’s going on in your dirty minds but before throwing the tentacles of your imagination any further read the latter part of the title… So my dear readers what I am referring to is ‘no pun intended’, literally dirty people.

They are not destitute or broke or those who can’t afford bathing water and soap, they are just comfortable in their own (stinking) skin and they find some weird pleasure in moving around drenched in malodorous sweat. They are just like you and me and move around you in your organizations/workplaces/colleges. You are deterred by their inhuman stench but still can’t tell them how badly they stink (and hence write such blog posts to pacify your disgust for such people you encounter daily). They are like a whiff of stale air and leave you gasping for oxygen. You dare not breathe in their presence and prefer staying a mile away. If you are stuck in the elevator with them you are doomed. They emit toxic fumes, yet are kind to the environment. In a water starved future, if you accidently stumble upon 15 buckets of water, please say a silent thanks to them. They inadvertently saved water for you with their non-bathing ways.

Water is their enemy, soap so last century. The Deo Empire thrives on their largesse. Why smell fresh when you can have the killer axe effect and then think of your body as a babe magnet?!

So, what if we all decide to adopt the why bathe way of life! International media on CWG infamy has already certified us as a nation with dubious hygiene standards. So why not prove them right? Imagine the stink we’ll create! Your body odour can become your secret weapon against all things unsavoury. Don’t have the heart to dump your girlfriend, just stop bathing. Think meetings are a crashing bore, just raise your arms! People will prefer video conferencing with you, your boss will avoid you and people will generally leave you in peace. Is the depleting water table giving you sleepless nights? Say no to a bath.

So next time when you stumble upon a colleague who rarely showers, don’t curl up your nose in disgust! Please, he deserves your respect. He is the lone wolf, a maverick who doesn’t care what the world thinks of him yet this kind soul cares for the world. A visionary in touch with his true self – uses his bath tub to play chess, shower stall to ponder upon world peace, and what’s more? You can send them anonymous thank you notes (this is what we do at Yuva Unstoppable) for they gave you a topic to write for your blog (which by the way no one reads except some of your friends whom you force to and some spammers from Italy).


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