She was too good for me

Half past two and I’m sitting by the window

Full moon’s light falling on my face…

Far South Canopus in its vibrant best

seems to be laughing on my fate…

Something’s not letting me sleep

I’m wondering what went wrong…

She said ‘Its all over’ and I speculate

Was it she or was it all my fault?

The summer breeze flows through my hair

I ask it ‘How do you stay so serene and gentle?’

But it just gusts past my ear

In a manner it seems to say ‘Its all in my mantle…’

‘Life has those peaks and valleys

but you need not care

Maybe she was too good for you

But on the other side life is still there’

Saying so it bids me bye

But the whiff it brought reminds me of the night gone by

On the porch when she was about to cry

And the Cigarette between my fingers was burning high

‘I don’t need no sympathy’ said she

She misunderstood her pain, or was it just me?

Walking towards the hedge was she

And lost in thoughts, it was me…

Silence filled the air for a while

Thud! And nine levels down lying was her corpse

Her soul in its upward journey drifted past me

And it said ‘Maybe I was too good for you, maybe you did not deserve me…’

– K


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