Black Swan–Excellence Extraordinaire

Being done with my exams today I decided to go out and watch the Academy Award grabber ‘The King’s Speech’ but I didn’t know that I would be disappointed later, not disappointed with the movie but in the sense not getting to watch the movie. And the reason for that – ‘not adequate number of people to run the show.’ This fumed me and what added fuel to the fire was that some Bollywood flick named ‘Tanu Weds Manu’ was running houseful simultaneously. (I know Kangana Ranaut is hot but please! which girl looks hot in a sari or the stuff she wears in that movie!?) This made me ponder upon the fact that I am living in an utterly dumbass and worthless city! People go and watch some stupid Bollywood flick with a name like ‘Tanu Weds Manu’ and no one is there to watch a multiple Oscar winning movie. (This also reminds me how the first day first show of Michael Jackson’s This Is It was cancelled for the same reason leaving me disappointed and fuming on the people) Anyways ‘Black Swan’ at another movieplex was thankfully being shown at that time so I headed for it. And there too, NOT to my surprise, just 8 odd people including me were in the auditorium. Okay, so leave this aside, lets get on how amazing this movie was…

Before going on any further let me say that if asked, I would give a 5/5 to this movie! Why? read on…

picture courtesy: en.wikipedia.orgThere are rarely some movies which just blow you away. Black Swan is one of them. The direction so bold and captivating, the plot so out of the ordinary that it makes you glued to your seat (even when you have to  pee). It makes you lose yourself in it. The acting is so natural. Natalie Portman’s performance is simply mesmerizing, its a difficult role but still she has done it with her finesse. The Camera Work is The Best. The camera weaves in and out of the ballet performers, from being in the far corner to being right up in the actors’ faces. The print is grainy and thus has the natural feel to it. There are some scenes which scare the shit out of you and believe me, you will wait for them to get over so that you can breathe easy. The soothing music is another thing to look for. The movie is a must watch, an experience to remember and let me warn you, if you are not into emotional side of life (read if you are a carefree teenager) then this movie is not for you for one needs a bit of emotional maturity to watch this movie, also mental maturity so that you don’t drop your jaw on the bold scenes and the lesbian kiss in the movie. The flick leaves you with bunch of mixed feelings.

The movie is basically about a ballet dancer who gets her big break when she is chosen for the main role of the play ‘Swan Queen’, and how she deals with the pressure of performance, the suffocative control of her mother, her anxieties regarding the rivals who want the role and and ultimately the discovery of the unknown dark side of her and the attainment of perfection and freedom.

A must watch! Unless you are ‘Tanu Weds Manu’ typos, watch it in whatever manner you can, go out (if you’re in Ahmedabad then take out at least 5 friends along with you otherwise you would be disappointed like me) rent a DVD, download it illegally or by any damn means but do watch it, btw watching it on Big Screen would be an altogether different experience.

I felt it – Perfect – I was perfect

PS – While moving out in the elevator I overheard a bunch of guys saying in gujju that it took them entire movie to understand what’s going on just like Inception! Buggers!



2 responses to “Black Swan–Excellence Extraordinaire

  1. dude i totally agree with u… but the problem is that thr r very few people like us who really love the movie like black swan , guzarish & all….. i knw my classmates going 4 dabang & tanu weds manu twice & i was totally shocked…
    but next time whn u go to watch movie like this plz let me knw.. i’ll nt disappoint u…….:)
    “movie hame pakad ke rakhta he…..” i understood the meaning of this sentence whn i saw this movie….
    totally awesome movie….!!!

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