On Why Texting Is Silly…

Texting has taken charge of being a primary mode of communication and how it is affecting our way of communicating to others and how it has changed the dynamics and structure of a conversation literally over its head. Let me be clear here. I am not a big fan of Texting. I hate it. Its the dumbest thing I have seen since India TV News. It is more dumber than Barney Stinson’s bro code. Indulging in texting is certainly more Idiotic than indulging in those yellow gujju dishes. There. You, who thinks that I throw controversial and biased statements that are not good for me. I did it again. Come and get me. Smile with tongue out

I find calling and talking a far better option. Because a conversation is fast and a conversation is complete. When it comes to texting, you not only have a limited space to ‘talk’ but also your conversation is left incomplete if one of the ‘texters’ does not reply or replies late. This is where the whole concept of Texting falls flat straight on its face.

So why do people prefer texting and not talking? Because its fast and easy? But so is talking isn’t it? I bet all you texters out there, give me a true reason you love texting and I will better the reason and tell you why Talking wins.

The adage that “Give people an option and they will take it” holds true for this. Give people an option between Texting and talking and a majority chunk will want to text. There will hardly be anyone who would like to sit and have a decent conversation. I am sorry texters but you just cant put everything you have to say in a 160 character long text. It just doesn’t work and its pointless to me. And please spare me the replies that say “but you can send an extra long SMS”. I’d rather have an extra long conversation than sit and type on a small idiotic keypad or touchscreen what i want to say.

Say what you want rather than writing it down in a text. It not only feels great but also is fulfilling. It makes you feel closer to whomever you are talking to. You will “feel” emotions and also make you feel better. A conversation can never be forgotten, but a text chat will be deleted or will lie forgotten in your inbox and will fade away from memory. I can bet you that the most memorable conversations in your life will be a talk and not a text message (Unless you are an exception)

I am not here to preach. Everyone has their own opinions. This one is mine. It completely makes no sense to me as to how can people text important stuff and not talk and also that they can find time to text and not talk when clearly talking is so much faster and easier!

Perhaps the one the thing I hate the most about Cell Phones is that people reply to a text by a text which is okay, but why do people not pick up a call when they are busy but find time to text back instantly that they are busy?! And even more idiotic and irritating is the fact that people don’t pick up but instead text back stating ” Hey..you called?..what happened?”. All this irritates me. If you can reply a text with a text, then why not respond to a call with a call?!

Also these days calling is far more cheaper than texting (unless you addicts have got those   ‘N number of free SMSes a month’ scheme) Life would’ve been so much better if there would be no Text messaging on cell phones. Only a call button and I am Serious about this.

I think now all of you got the answer of why I don’t reply to your texts most of the times.


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