An Ode In Her Respect

The Moon was up, dazzling as brilliantly as it could
The stars were high, forming various shapes as they normally would
All that was visible from the deck was the sea, the glittering waters under the moon
indicated that he would be meeting her very soon.

He had thought of this moment times galore
but now he knew that he didn’t have to wait anymore
She was coming to grace him and take him to peace
All he had to do was to wait and not grieve.

The ice cold waters tapped his feet and he heard
The feeble cries from behind, emanating from that herd
Looking at them he mused and pitied
On how they tried in vain to prevent what was certain.

Someone cried his name out loud
He paid no heed and let him shout
He knew that now it was inevitable after all he’d done in his life
And in few moments it will either be the end or the start of a new life.

Waist deep was the chill, and now he introspected
Maybe he should’ve not deceived but respected.
Alas it was too late now for he could see her coming
In a few moments he would be with her and saw the end coming.

The moment came, she held his hand
and took him with her to rest.
In his watery grave he finally felt peace
For death was not as daunting, as he had perceived.



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