The Midsummer Night

Beneath the stars, beyond the effluence1224444164mzqpuys
Lying in my sub conscience
Thinking nothing, feeling the calm
Soothing is the ambience.

A midsummer night with the sky bright
And far away the city lights,
Sensing the tranquil of the time
The feeling’s worth a billion dimes.

The cool breeze, the fireflies
And moon in the brazen lake,
And there goes a shooting Star
With the brilliant streak its trail.

The grass soaked, the hilltop
And the icy drops of dew,
The bugs’ chirp, the bat’s fluff
It all seems so new.

The owl’s hoot, hey that’s not moot!
And moonlight on the face.
The mild chill, the broken twigs

And the need to embrace.

The Hercules, glowing gallantly
And watching from above
The lonely soul lying all alone,
Away from all the shove.

The Twilight, the sunrise
And tweeting of the birds
Its time to go, Oh Dreamer!
Back to the buzz of daily chores!



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