Del Monte: You ain’t had nothing like this before.

Advertisements are there to inform the potential consumers about the product but there are very few advertisements that actually compel the consumer to buy the product, and this advert of Del Monte’s range of beverages just does that. I can say that of the very few refreshing and creative adverts in beverage sector on Indian Television these days this ad tops the list. There is a lot of competition in the market for fruit/health drinks and Del Monte being the latest entrant has come up claiming that it has amazing tasting products which are distinct in themselves. That’s what makes it special and stand out from the crowd.

It takes advantage of the fact that when one tries something new and likes it a lot, one may find it impossible to describe to oneself and others what it tastes like. It could actually be a lot easier to say what it doesn’t taste like and one’s attempts to explain the taste may actually lead others to try it. The simplicity of the message is amplified by attractive, adorable characters, visuals and the foot tapping Del-Monte Song. The song is the soul of the ad, it is peppy and catchy, reflecting energy and vibrancy and enjoyable lyrics. The diverse characters and scenarios make it a lively visual which keeps the audience engaged and arouses curiosity for the product.The advert is entertaining, pacy and fun rather than preaching any logic like other adverts. In short the commercial has a very modern look and feel and Indian television needs more of such creative commercials on air.


6 responses to “Del Monte: You ain’t had nothing like this before.

  1. Del Monte jingle…. I love it maan … and the picturization, casting was perfect it altogether … keep it up … after a long time, seen a good least its better ,its different

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