Missing Bangalore!

In a short span I will be done with my current semester and my summer break will commence, in my last winter break in December I went to Bangalore to relax after the tiring semester and to spend some time with my sister and jeej (who is like my elder brother and best friend) and I loved that city to the core, in fact I wrote  a blog post in the praise of Bangalore. Now in this break I so bloody want to go there (and now even my 2 year old niece is there) to escape from this sweltering heat of Ahmedabad and the fact that my friend Akhila keeps on reminding me of the ‘awesome’ summer rains of Bangalore makes me want to be there even more but I can’t leading to my training at BSNL, College project and CAT preparation.

The thing I liked particularly about Bangalore was its polite and civil locals and the fact that one can do in the city even without knowing the local language which is a unique thing being a south Indian city (thanks to the IT industry who’s part I’m going to be soon) unlike in Ahmedabad where many people talk to you in Gujarati by default not considering that you might not be comfortable in that language and the politeness and civility is almost absent here in majority of locals (I know that many people won’t like the above statement but I’m sad to say that its true). In short its difficult for an outsider to stay in Ahmedabad, there is one novel by some Indian author I read which stated ‘You can stay at Ahmedabad but never live in Ahmedabad’ which is well, true at least to my experiences. There is this thing about Bangalore which makes living in it for an outsider comfortable, the city makes you its own.

The music scene in Bangalore is just amazing, with plethora of local bands everywhere, performing at pubs and malls every weekend, its a ‘quality’ music lover heaven in India, one local band I heard and liked is ‘Crash TV’. And yeah, for ‘quality’ music there is always Radio Indigo in Bangalore which targets the niche market. Here in Ahmedabad there is one band ‘Purple Flower’ which performs regularly and keeps the live music scene in the city alive and is way too good, but the fact is that there is just one. And talking about radio, all radio stations of Ahmedabad play Bollywood music, Munni and Sheila types and all the presenters always keep on blabbering something in gujju, hence I have to resort to online radio.

Also one doesn’t raise one’s eyebrows in Bangalore when you eat non veg food around someone unlike in Ahmedabad where i have to think twice before ordering a chicken burger or fillet-o-fish at Mc Donald’s when with someone fearing that that person might be offended, the vegetarianism prevailing in the city is at a level that there is not even one KFC in the city (and obviously in the state).

Sigh! I have one more year to stay in Ahmedabad, but on the other side its just one more year!! Lets see in which city life takes me after a year, I hope its Bangalore, so proud I will be by calling myself a Bangalorean Smile

I have said it once and I say it again ‘Naanu Bengalooranu Preethisuthene’.


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