Racism With a Difference!

And once again ladies and gentlemen the monster of racism has shown its dirty face in the country, and its not necessary that we are always on the receiving end. I know it must be hard for ‘most of you’ to believe that Indians can be racists too but I will throw light on this matter as you read on.

The Indian brouhaha on racism begin with those supposed attacks on Indians in Australia, then came similar reports from Canada, France and certain parts of US too and now the latest we have the case of that Indian diplomat’s daughter Kritika Biswas in New York who was held for a day by the New York Police authorities by falsely being accused of sending some obscene mails to one of her teachers and what she said was that the school authorities pushed her into this even though they knew who the guilty Chinese student was. And no need to mention what followed, the ruckus and the debates on various local news channels and the print sympathizing with her for she was an Indian and whether she should’ve been given diplomatic immunity or not and other such issues.
Now don’t get me wrong here, I say I may not empathize but certainly sympathize with her  NOT because she’s an Indian but from the front of humanity and coz she suffered emotionally for what she didn’t do. I don’t make decisions by coming in the air of ‘over-patriotism’. I mean it doesn’t matter to me whether she is an Indian or a Pakistani or African. She suffered and that’s it, we can sympathize and show our support but its too unethical of the Indian people and the free Indian media to make this a topic of patriotism and expecting the authorities from New York to apologize to the entire Indian community but certainly an official apology to the girl is must and is expected.

Now coming to the point which I want to convey. What drew my attention and confirmed my belief that Indian community is very wrong in dealing with racism is the following debate I saw this evening on Headlines Today. It was between 7 people about the matter of many African nationals being not allowed entry in Bangalore’s pubs, bars and night clubs just coz of their nationality/skin color. It included the victim, an African student with hidden identity, the editor in chief of Headlines Today-Rahul Kanwal, The President of Pubs and Bar owners’ association-Ashish Kothare (who’s pub I visited when I was in Bangalore) the owner of Pecos pub-Colin Timms and several other people related to the field. The victim described four separate incidents where he was denied entry in various pubs in Bangalore and also mentioned that this had happened to other African nationals he knows. Now there were many counter arguments from the people involved in the debate that it might be because of previous encounters with the pub authorities which might say that he was involved in some rowdy incidents in those particular pubs before, or that he might have been refused entry coz he didn’t have a female partner with him, African community being involved in drug trafficking and other notorious activities, security issues etc. etc.. But this guy proved them wrong one by one and ultimately the conclusion came that it might be one or two stray events and it doesn’t represent the Bangalore city as whole.

OK, I agree with this statement, Bangalore is a multi cultural, multi racial modern and civilized cosmopolitan melting pot with people from over 30 nationalities staying there but these are not one or two stray events, racism is prevalent in urban India, we can’t ignore the fact that even though a minority but Indians are indeed racist and it doesn’t go well with Bangalore’s cosmopolitan image and the image of India as a whole.
We need to open our eyes and realise that we Indians are indeed racial by heart, be it of this form or the fact of largest sale of skin whitening creams in the country and we are the first ones to create a huge brouhaha when we are at the receiving end. Lets come to the fact people that we Indians are no less racist than the people in Australia, Canada or the US and this is what we need to improve in, then only we would be able to stand by our ‘so called over-patriotic’ slogan ‘Mera Bharat Mahan’, meanwhile we can just wonder ‘Mera Bharat Kahan?’ .


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