You Know You Are In Ahmedabad When…

Ahmedabad from an outsider’s point of view

  • All the signs around you are in Gujarati.
  • Narendra Modi is talked about as if he’s a demi God.
  • Auto rickshaws have metres just for the heck of it.
  • Auto rickshaw drivers drive recklessly and too roughly on the road.
  • Summers are unbearable but Winters are extremely pleasant.
  • Sometimes you find the local accent too hard to emulate.
  • There is no KFC in sight.
  • You have a separate Gujarati Books Section at every Crossword Store  and you actually see people reading stuff from that section.
  • There is no discotheque or a pub.
  • You don’t get booze, not even beer.
  • People all over the city listen to just Bollywood crap.
  • Every single FM station has its Gujarati Jingle.
  • You will consider yourself lucky if you get to listen to ‘Non Bollywood’ genres on radio.
  • You get confused about the name of the city: ‘Ahmedabad’ or ‘Amdavad’.
  • People will talk to you in Gujarati by default not considering that you may be uncomfortable in that language.
  • You will find the people here too conservative and orthodox.
  • You will find almost empty movie halls in the screening of Hollywood movies and Farah Khan movies run houseful.
  • The auto rickshaw drivers at the airport would ask for exorbitant amounts even if your destination is just 3 kilometres away.
  • People spitting on the roads and on the stairways of commercial buildings is a norm.

I guess I will stop here. I have a suggestion; I guess you readers can add more points to this. Please leave it in your comments. Not that I am expecting a lot of them considering the trend, but I am willing to take a chance.


8 responses to “You Know You Are In Ahmedabad When…

  1. I think you really need to re-visit this city! Most of the ‘pointers’ (as i dnt think you can or should even claim this to be an article) are common for most Indian cities! Have you visited Chennai? M sure not, as there you will hardly find a sign board or a bill board in anything except Tamil, here people will respond back in Hindi if you tell them you dnt follow Gujarati, People back in Chennai wont even do that, they will walk away… I think you either need to visit more cities, or get a bit more specific, m not saying Ahmedabad is a flawless city, but I would appreciate if the ‘pointers’ were genuinely Ambavadi and not so vague. I understand you dnt belong to a literature background, but its not about your language its about your content!

  2. Hey Z, Yes, I have been to Chennai once and I know how it is and also I have spent a considerable amount of my life in Ahmedabad, anyway this is all in good humor, don’t get so hyper! 🙂

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  4. A’bad is the place , where girls can roam @ 3 am , a’bad is place where you ger any damn dish ‘sweet’ , a’bad is place where people love guest , a’bad is place where rickswala will surely try to help you in reaching @ your destination , a’bad is the place where if you had an accident you will be safely reached in hospital by strangers , a’bad is place YUVA UNSTOPPABLE STARTS , a’bad is place where no one wants to do job , all want to do is BUSINESS ( high thinking ) , a’bad is place where kindness still survives , a’bad is city which is fastest growing cities in world , a’bad is place which has beautiful ART, a’bad is place where you get food even @2 , a’bad is place where all festivals are celebrated like any thing , here people must not see HOLLYWOOD MOVIES OR LISTEN INTERNATIONAL SONGS , they may not how to speak english , but ENGLISH PEOPLE , do most of the investment in this city only !! 🙂

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