Disgusting DK Bose!

‘Bhag Bhag DK Bose DK Bose blah blah blah…’! Who hasn’t heard this number! Whether you like it or not but its being played/hummed everywhere, its all around you. Whether it be that autowallah or that Gujju guy at college, everyone is singing it and that too consciously without even a bit of shame or contempt! And surprisingly there are people who openly defend the song by saying things like ‘Its an awesome number’, ‘The song is creative’ and such people who tell others who have an objection with the song to ‘Grow Up’ and be ‘Open Minded’ probably have a low upbringing and think the entire society should be abusive like they are-so unsophisticated.

Its great news that the Information and Broadcast Ministry has put Censor board under scanner for passing such ridiculously disgusting number without any objections (Finally I&B ministry did something praiseworthy). Pankaja Thakur, CEO of the censor board is still impervious to such a widespread dissatisfaction and its very surprising that he is unable to understand this song. I think he doesn’t deserve this post if he finds this song all correct. By giving ‘go ahead’ to this song, he has misused his post. I agree that the song is catchy but still that’s personal interest, as a whole this ‘C grade’ song is not good to offer to the public through a big banner Bollywood flick.

But what bothers me most is that it comes from a guy like Aamir Khan who supposedly makes decent and meaningful movies. Aamir’s spokesperson defended it by saying "DK Bose is just a name. Some people are capable of seeing abusive language in everything. It depends on how your mind works. We can’t help it." Seriously! Is this spokesperson retarded? I mean is he so dumb that he can’t understand what the abusive language is? Does he think that we, the people, are so dumb that we can’t see what Aamir was trying to portray by using the name DK Bose in a loop?? I know its  a name but it is intentionally added to the song so that the contemporary cheap masses like it; and by saying ‘Some people are capable of seeing abusive language in everything’ , you can’t run away from your intentionally done cheap gimmick. Other day you will come up with abuses of mothers and sisters. Its high time to contain such people and movies.

This Song shouldn’t have been passed. It seems that Censor Board has become personal property of Film Makers. Who knows, even it may be corrupt like the majority of government organizations in India! And what about Mr Aamir Khan’s Adarsh personality. Wherever there is a social problem he jumps over there to show his sympathy. What about the Society values now? Such a mean person he is. This D K Bose song really shows his character.

Most importantly think of the effect it’s going to have on the younger generation, listening to this song the kids may feel that its totally normal to say this swear word to anyone. And those who oppose by saying that today’s kids learn these words by one means or another will realise when the kids would sing in front of them and their parents and so called society which thinks it’s a small issue. Anyhow is there any need for children to learn such words at young age? I personally first heard this word when I was 13, I’m 20 now (no I do not use such words). And no, it doesn’t make me feel ‘heat in my crotch’, it makes me feel disgusted. And you who still defends this song after reading all this then you are a retard. Forget morality, ask yourself if you can sing this song in front of YOUR family and then throw around passing unwanted judgments.


5 responses to “Disgusting DK Bose!

  1. Woahhhhhhhhhh…. K turns an angry young man!! Honestly, I did not even like the way you wrote or constructed your arguments. You sound like those VHP, RSS, Shiv Sena Goons. moral policing and all! And the best part is you already have judged people who dnt agree with your viewpoint as retard, the generalized statements and excessive usage of ‘Retard’ makes you no better than the song!
    1) I have always been against the whole idea of censor board, a bunch of fool decides who will see what! If I remember, you are admen follower of democracy, and in the democratic state we have Right of freedom, to express ourself and to see, hear and enjoy what we want to (putting it crudely, as I know the very next section takes away all our freedom :P) so, if someone does not like it, they are suppose to refrain themselves from hearing it, rather than passing judgement for masses!
    2)Who in the first place are you (qualification wise) to lable anyone ‘C Grade’? Are you a very notable film-maker or critique or lyricist? Why should we hear this crap from you? what is your authentic base?
    3) ‘I know its a name but it is intentionally added to the song so that the contemporary cheap masses like it’ Define CONTEMPORARY CHEAP MASSES. How can you make such generalized statements? Do you even know the seriousness of the words being used by you? We make the MASSES and dnt put your self in the elite category who are here to sophisticate the MASSES, you cnt!
    4) So are you ok with kids dancing on ‘Mein karu toh saala character dhila hai, and farak padta hai kya baho mein munni hai k sheela hai?” only because it does not have a BOSE. D. K in it, it becomes passable? You heard and understood its meaning when you were 13, my sister is 19 and stuill does not KNOW the meaning of this word, so for her, it is just a name, she does not see anything abusive in it! Also ur erratic comment on CHEAP GUJJU is offensive, as this song is not only propagated in Gujarat everyone across India sings appreciates and abuses it.
    5) Lastly… I suggest go beyond D.K. Bose and try and understand the lyrics, it talks about perspectives and how life treats us now a days, there is not one single offensive statement made (unlike all salman khan songs) I appreciate lines like ‘Bheja garden hai aur tension mali hai’ sheer creativity!! How would have thought of describing the effects tension and stress has on our mind and putting them down in such beautiful manner? The whole song is about how life shows something and it turns out to be something else!
    As Aamir’s spokesperson says, its truely about what you see things, glass is either half full or half empty, you prefer the empty side, if others prefer the full side, you cnt subjugate them as RETARD!!

    • Z! Oh Dear Z! First of all Thank you for being a regular follower of my posts, the kind of healthy criticism that you offer really keeps me going!
      Secondly, I didn’t know that my blog is capable of handling comments with more than 500 characters, again thanks to you I got to know this today!!
      Now coming to your points…
      If VHP, Shiv Sena and such forms of horse manure were involved in opposing this song, they would have protested on a national level demanding the prosecution of the lyricist, Aamir Khan and Pankaja Thakur and would have burnt the posters of the movie and while misusing their political power/contacts they might even have banned the movies in some movieplexes of Bombay on the release! What I am doing is just expressing my views on this number which I think is completely healthy way and is no way comparable to the acts of VHP, Shiv Sena and the likes!
      1)Talking about Democracy, as you have rightly mentioned above “in the democratic state we have Right of freedom, to express ourself and to see, hear and enjoy what we want to”. And what I am doing here is rightfully practicing my ‘Freedom Of Expression’ and no one can stop me from doing so, And yes, you again mentioned it correctly, if someone doesn’t like the song, they should refrain from hearing it! That’s what I am doing, I don’t listen to the song and about writing about it here, well it comes under my Right to express myself freely in a free, democratic country and if someone has problem with it he/she can express his/her views with utilizing the equal freedom he/she is given! I have no issues with that!
      2)I agree, I am no movie wizard, neither I am an expert of bollywood flicks for i rarely watch them. But if a song has vulgar and abusive swear words deliberately put into it, what else would you call it but a ‘C Grade’ song?
      3)Contemporary Cheap Masses, what I mean by that is MAJORITY of the youth of the nation, and I don’t think that I need to mention more about them, anyhow if you wanna know, read my post named ‘The Youth Of India’ which by the way I have complied looking at the people around me so one can’t say that such people don’t exist!
      4)When did I ever say that I am Okay with kids dancing on “Mein karu toh saala character dhila hai, and farak padta hai kya baho mein munni hai k sheela hai” or any Salman Khan song? Bollywood stopped making good and meaningful songs long ago, Bless those days of the 90s when we used to have some quality music! ANd when did I ever say in the post that this song is being propagated in gujarat only?? And about the ‘erratic’ comment on ‘cheap gujju’ I don’t see myself using this statement in the entire post!! Yes, in the first paragraph I have said that I see it being hummed by everyone including the gujju guy in college, that’s not offensive!!
      5)I don’t know for I haven’t heard the full song till date for the DK Bose part repels me miles away from it, OK agreed, the song may have a good message but presenting it in this manner is not done!

      Finally its not just me who hates the song for the reasons mentioned in the post! See around you, the print, the evening debates on premier English News Channels, ask any sensible person who thinks that propagating this song is morally correct, and also the I&B Ministry’s decision to question Censor board, all this shows that this song is not worth being played on radio or even being there in the movie.

  2. Kudos K
    I have been looking for someone/something to voice my disgust for this song and today I found your blog!!!!!!
    Awesome work, Cheers!!! 😀

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