The Indian Politics’ Potpourri!

I know I am late, as one of my friend reminded me that I haven’t blogged since 22nd June. I was writing an article for an e magazine lately and with college reopened it has been a hectic schedule, hence this delay. Also I haven’t even got a chance to get drenched in the rains.
Btw, it feels good when someone appreciates your work, recently a friend of mine shared her views on my posts by messaging me at 2:44 AM telling me how she appreciates the honesty of my posts. Thanks M Smile. And Thanks B for eagerly waiting for my posts and compelling me to write. Smile

Before you read this post, please note that I am apathetic about the country’s political situation and I am neither a supporter of Congress nor of BJP. I have written this post from a common man/spectator’s point of view.

No prizes for guessing who’s back in the news, it’s none other than the Prince of the Gandhi Dynasty- Mr Rahul Gandhi. With his foot marches in the rural areas of UP trying to solve the problems of the farmers over the land acquisition issue he has surely managed to grab the eyeballs of the media and the concerned people and also invited bitter comments of the Mayawati Government. Also there was a remark few days back on Gandhi’s 41st birthday by Digvijay Singh that he can now be considered as a Prime Minister Material. There is no doubt in the statement, probably every one of us is pretty sure about Rahul Gandhi being the Prime Minister of this country sooner or later. Just by being born in India’s most powerful family, I call it the ‘dynasty’, automatically makes him eligible for the post. Anyway, when a bit of hue and cry was made by the media and the BJP (of course) Digvijay as most of the Congress men conveniently made a U-turn and stressed that  his statement did not have the ‘Now’ time frame but that he saw all the potential required to become a PM in Gandhi.

No doubt this foot march and eating at a Dalit’s place etc. are mere publicity stunts by the Congress to show that it is nearer to the roots than rival BJP from where someone has never done such work, and because in this time when new scandals and scams are showing up every other day it needs to revive its image and for that, it can put Rahul Gandhi forward on the name of ‘Youth Involvement’ in politics to attract the majority of young voters. Congress is just trying to find its lost ground in UP nothing else, its all politics. If u look at the states with Congress govt. take Maharashtra, where such social problems exist, be it corruption be it injustice done to farmers in Vidharb region, Rahul Gandhi never goes there. Rahul Gandhi will never comment on black money coz Gandhi family has got the maximum money deposited there. He would never speak about country’s biggest scams that showed up in Congress’ reign CWG,2G… The list is endless.

But for the PM’s seat are any alternatives out there? Yes there are but all are hopeless, the degree of hopelessness varies. With due respect to Dr. Manmohan Singh and his strategy to free the economy of India in the early 1990s, he is as Anna Hazare states, a remote control PM controlled by none other than Rahul Gandhi’s Mommy dear, Sonia Gandhi and a ‘Lame Duck’ as named by the media. In BJP we have 85 year old LK Advani who may pass out with an impeding heart attack. 85 shows that he has experience but we the sensible and aware youth of India don’t want another oldie as the head of the nation (notice the words ‘sensible’ and ‘aware’ used for the youth, it means I am not talking about the majority ‘MTV Generation’, i.e. those who enjoy Bose DK, Munni and Sheila and those aimless MTV Roadies followers). Taking the example of Barrack Obama, he is 49 and has the most challenging position on the planet, so why do we need an 85 year old non secular guy as PM of India when we have a 41 year old dynamic lad who can relate with the 60%+ young population of the country. In short Rahul Gandhi is the best alternative amongst the worst (that’s a different topic that he too will be controlled by Sonia).

Almost all leaders get elected based on vote bank politics of religion, caste, region and language. If today BJP comes up with an alternative which focuses on inclusive development rather than religious politics i.e. ‘Hindutva’, they will have a chance to lead. But that seems too unlikely, we can see that BJP like VHP just focuses on Hindus and kind of neglects other religions and sects. ‘Neglect’ would be too mild a word looking at the mass murder conducted by Narendra Modi on Muslims in 2002, and also with conservatives like Uma Bharati, BJP doesn’t appeal to me but its very likely that it may sweep up with majority this elections and that 85 year old Advani heads the nation for the credibility of Congress has come crashing down after these scams and a complacent Prime Minister.

It is a curse to be born in this country for majority of people of this nation live to die, meeting their daily basic needs. Only thieves, liars and corrupt people survive where there are people more than the resources of nation. I know it is not possible to change certain things like the country you are born in. When I say the above things, it means more for common people of India like a rickshaw driver or some other daily wage earner, not the people who have the luxury of usurping multi million Rupees. At present, the politicians do not have the fear of perishing and they indulge in all sort of cheap politics to come to power. Politicians in name of developing nation, develop themselves and create multi million dollar worth of property by their life time. I salute Anna Hazare for trying to bring an end to this but as we can see, these politicians are not allowing him to do it. Well, I just hope that someone better than “Sick” dynasty aka Congress, “More Sick” Advani aka BJP, “Perennially Sick” Left, “Parasitic” regional parties will prop up who will be not made of straw and will address the issues of nation. Hahha, It would happen for sure but in my dreams.


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