The great Indian Dowry Drama!

A friend of mine is currently in the phase of looking for suitable grooms for her marriage (Yes, that arranged marriage drama). One thing I get to hear the most from her is the amount in dowry the guy’s family asks for!

‘Dowry’ as it is known is one of the oldest ‘tradition’ prevailing in this country. One one hand we Indians are proud of our nation as the largest democracy on the planet and stated to become the largest economy of the 21st Century and on the other hand some of us behave as if they are still living in the 18th century by indulging in this disgusting act of asking for dowry.

What exactly is dowry? It is the price of a groom. The bride’s family is forced into buying a match for their girl. How cool is that! What is most disturbing is the fact that these dowry demanders are none other than today’s bloody youth. What the fck is wrong with India’s youth?? Family pressure they say… What are they? 8?? How can an educated, twenty something male of today’s India succumb to that. Why can’t they oppose it? What are they risking? Will they not get married if they don’t take dowry? Will their families, cast or community boycott them? What is the fuckin’ problem?!?

Is money the problem? Go fuckin’ earn it, bugger! Why beg? And if that’s what you really wanna do, go hit the streets loser. It’s a thriving job for sure. What’s the difference between asking for dowry and begging anyway? All the same. Isn’t the bride’s family already giving away their girl to you? First, they give away their girl. Second, they end up paying off their arses for it. And thirdly, that’s not the end of it. Repeat demands and if, unfortunately, they are not fulfilled, I can only imagine the hell she has to face by her in-laws.

I proudly state that I played a major role to discourage my parents to give my sister to any dowry demander. And we are all too happy about my sister getting married into a broad-minded, modern family (btw did I mention that I have got the best jeej in the world?? he’s like my elder brother and I can share things with him which I even can’t share with my sister). I’d just like to ask one question to these dowry demanders. When you put a price tag on your boy, does this mean that your boy is worth that ‘x’ amount of money only? Can we so easily decide what your boy is worth? Then why not just put an ad in the paper and sell him off to the highest bidder?

It’s about time that we put a stop to this. Guys/Boys/Men/whatever, anyone with real balls won’t indulge in such a disgusting act. Please put your foot down. You are the one who is getting married. Not your families. You guys are educated. You are the future of this country. Respect that.

And yes, that friend of mine, obviously she refuses such greedy jackasses! Bravo!!


5 responses to “The great Indian Dowry Drama!

  1. The saddest thing is we ‘buy’ a groom and then we ‘give away’ the bride. So in a way the bride’s parents pay the groom’s family for accepting their daughter. A lot of social evils are challenged when young couples choose their own partners, dowry, caste, horoscope matching etc, and also the couple are more likely to be like friends (healthier relationship) when they choose each other.

  2. First put people who give dowry to jail!
    Its out law in India.
    Dowry giver are never booked in any case only dowry demanders are booked.

    • Agreed, but sadly Indian legal system is lenient towards girls.
      Take this example, if a girl (even falsely) accuses her husband of wife beating, abusing etc. the cops don’t listen to the husband and he is dragged to the police station. With such attitude do you think they will arrest the girl’s family of giving dowry? I don’t think so!

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