The D Day!! (My Placement Experience)

InterviewCampus placement days are the days for which we wait our entire college life and if you are in an Engineering college, no matter on what rank it is in the top college list of the country, you certainly anticipate it and are bit worried even though you know that 95% students are going to be placed in your college! But the thrill of getting placed on Day 0 and that too in a Fortune 100, top MNC can be described in just 1 word; ‘AWESOME’!! Winking smile

9th August 2011

7:55 AM – Opened my eyes, looked at the time!! Oh My #!@$ ! I was friggin late, was supposed to be up by 7 and set out for college at 8:15 AM!! Was late now, so anyways rushed to the bathroom, shaved and bathed and somehow managed to get ready by 8:20  AM and guess what, it was bloody raining outside, just a day before when I got up at 7 AM and looked out of the window, it was so sunny and bright that I thought it was about 10 in the morning and on this day it was friggin raining; Heavily!! Had to look for my raincoat for couldn’t afford to ruin my formals by getting drenched on the way on my motorbike on the first Placement day of the season! Found it and set out for college for the PPT was about to begin by 8:45AM!

8:45 AM – Reached college, gladly it wasn’t late yet! The auditorium was slowly being occupied! Managed to grab a seat after sobering myself up after the rains!

9:00 AM – Waiting…

9:30 AM – Still Waiting…

9:50 AM – The 15 member panel of the company arrived, wouldn’t have been a problem even if I was late I thought; began the presentation in 10 minutes, gave detailed information about the company, job profile etc. and one surprise; they told that they would finish the placement task by the evening for they had their flight to catch to go back to Bombay!! Now here, everyone was told that there would be just Aptitude test and Case Study on this day and interviews on the next, but they said that by 8:00PM everything would be done, I was unprepared for the interview, but didn’t panicked for in the years I have learnt to stay calm in situations like this! Would see whatever was supposed to unveil on this day! K Sera Sera!

10:40 AM – Aptitude test began, 400 people sat for it, believe me, it was a piece of cake, I wondered looking at the people around me who were so engrossed in solving the simple Numerical ability and verbal reasoning problems; in fact I was done about 8 minutes early and was sitting idle from 11:32AM to 11:40 AM! I was pretty sure i was going to make it!

11:40 AM – Test ended and papers were collected, we were told that the results would be announced by 1:30 PM!

Lunch Time: Hadn’t had a morsel of food since morning but didn’t even feel like having anything for I felt full, anyhow had 2 spoons of ‘Chaat’ from my friend’s plate but didn’t like eating; even though I was empty stomach I felt like throwing up out of excitement and anticipation!!

1:30 PM – Went to the placement cell to check for the results, was told that they were not out yet, we will be infomed soon!

2:00 PM – Waiting…

2:30 PM – Still Waiting…

3:00 PM – Results were out! Out of 400, 90 were shortlisted for the case study round, I was one of them!! Students were divided into groups of 7-8 people for the case study round!

3:40 PM – Were provided with our problem question about a pharmaceutical company wanting to set up its base in US after being maxed out in European market and were supposed to act as their hired consultants! Were given 20 minutes for planning, thinking and putting our strategy in a creative manner on the chart paper while constantly being noticed by 2 panel members!

4:00 PM – Time was up! Were told to go out of the room and prepare for the presentation till our group was called!

4:30 PM – Group was called! All 7 members went into the room, in the panel there was just one person who thoroughly grilled us to the maximum extent but we didn’t budge much from our solution (probably that’s what he was looking for)!

5:00 PM – Was out of the room, needed some calories so had a bar of chocolate! Here also I was quite sure of making in to the Interview round but still that excitement and anticipation and feeling like throwing up had much reduced!
( I wonder how funny it would be if I was in the interview and had felt like throwing up. Open-mouthed smile 
Interviewer: So K, tell me about this project you did …
Me: yes Sir, this was done… Uh Oh, Wait Sir I have to throw up first!! Open-mouthed smile)

5:30 PM – Results were out, 4 people out of my group of 7 were selected for the Interviews and overall it was 35 out of 90!! 
What now, interview time and I was not prepared properly! Again, K Sera Sera!

6:45 PM – Interview call came, went into the room, there were 2 members in my panel, both really cool and casual guys; when I greeted them by referring them as ‘Sir’, they said that I could call them by their name and take it as a casual interaction so that both sides get to know each other properly! Then they congratulated me for making it so far and I really appreciated the manner they were treating me with! Then came some basic HR questions like my introduction, toughest moment in my life, about disputes while working in my team, some questions out of my CV related to the projects and my involvement in my NGO, my plans for higher studies etc. then it was my turn to ask them questions, so asked them about some surveys done by the company which I looked up on their website previously and then appreciated them for the CSR activities conducted by the firm etc..

7:00 PM – Interview lasted for 15 minutes and I was out by 7:00 PM; here I was not quite sure about my performance in the interview, I wasn’t quite sure whether I would make it or not, the interview was, I’d say good but still I had some doubts. The next half hour was the most difficult part of the day; I constantly bugged some of my friends for the entire time! One of them said that he had more confidence in me getting selected than I had in myself! I was overwhelmed and waited with bated breath for the result!

7:30 PM – All the 35 students interviewed were called in one room, we were told that 20 people were in! After sometime they started calling out the names and then… My Name! YES! I MADE IT!! First day, first interview, first batch and I was through!! Out of 400 people from various specializations and even those doing masters, I was one of the lucky 20!! 
We were then given company T shirts and clicked a group photograph and then we dispersed off! One member of my panel while congratulating me said: “I had expected you to be in!” What else could i ask for!!
Hadn’t told my parents that I had my placements on that day, I always head for college after they are out for their work so on that day  they wouldn’t see me wearing formals and heading out. Also I had kept a spare set of casual clothing in my bag in case I don’t make through then would slip into them and then go home!
Don’t get me wrong here, I wanted to give them an unexpected and a huge surprise!! Smile

In the end, I would like to thank Me, Myself and Bon Jovi for this success!! Myself for the hardwork I put in and Bon Jovi because of his inspiring track which I listened to twice during the day before going for the case study and the Interview and always it fills me with energy!! Winking smile

“I ain’t gonna be just a face in the crowd
You’re gonna hear my voice
When I shout it out loud…
Tomorrow’s getting harder make no mistake
Luck ain’t even lucky
Got to make your own breaks
It’s my life
It’s now or never
I ain’t gonna live forever
I just wanna live my life”


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