BJP Bashing!

Don’t get me wrong by the title, neither I am a Congress supporter, as many people may think of me after reading this post (so keep out of referencing and comparing the accusations with that of Congress for everyone knows how corrupt it is) and nor am I paid, as per few of the people from Gujarat who read my blog and updates, by anti-BJP entities to write this article. It is coming out because this political party and few of its members have done something to draw the ire of a common man like me.

Let’s begin from the more recent issues, I saw in the print few days back that how LK Advani’s Rot Rath Yatra has been hit by ‘Cash for Coverage’ charge. Let me elaborate. It has been said and even proved by the video that is being broadcasted on major news channels that BJP workers have been ‘gifting’ 500 Rs currency notes to journalists for covering a press conference as a part of this Yatra. Also adding to the mockery was the picture published of the empty chars at a public meeting meant to welcome Advani and his yatra.
Till now I thought that it was just Congress that is corrupt and BJP is what its best known for, being non secular, but it turns out that BJP is corrupt too, who the heck but a one big fool like LK Advani would pay 500 Rs bribe that too to a bunch of media personnel, who surely would blow it off, to cover his silly ‘Rot’ Yatra.
And did I mention that the entire agenda of this yatra thing is to fight against corruption prevalent in the country?
Also I got to know by watching Barkha Dutt interviewing him inside the bus he is using for his yatra that Advani, very much like Modi, began his political career from RSS, which we know is the most non-secular body in the country in the likes of VHP. Why would any sensible Indian support and vote for a party whose core members have the very foundation of their political career based on non secularism and Hindutva?

And the latest bits I got now, BS Yeddyurappa, the former BJP Karnataka CM, landed himself in jail yesterday on account of that illegal mining scam in Bellary and land grabbing for his kin. So ironic it is, barely 5 days since Advani began his yatra with the agenda to fight against corruption and now we get embarrassment for BJP in form of its key CM in the southern region going behind the bars on the charges of corruption. Also did you hear how Yeddy avoided jail? Just as almost every politician does; by citing chest pain and getting admitted to a hospital.

Now coming to Narendra Modi, if you stay in Ahmedabad you won’t miss how people around you refer to Modi as a demi god. That’s the spell this fellow has cast on millions of Gujaratis across the state. Agreed that he is the CM who has changed the face of Gujarat and the state has developed by leaps and bounds after his coming to power, development is a concept that can be linked to his name but secularism can never be, and that’s why I make no qualms in being against Modi for all the things that conspired in Gujarat because of him in 2002. It is said and even confirmed by Sanjiv Bhatt (will talk about him later in the post) that how after the Godhra train burning incident Modi had given the orders to the police personnel to let the Hindus ‘Vent their anger’ on Muslims which had resulted into wide spread riots across Ahmedabad and thousands of people, both Hindus and Muslims were killed, thus giving the title of a Mass Murderer to Modi. Even the then PM Atal Bihari Vajpayee when on his visit too riot hit Gujarat had advised Modi to follow his ‘Raj Dharma’. Such is the mind-set of people from RSS and still the blind followers of Modi want him to be a Prime Ministerial candidate in 2014. This is obviously very unlikely, for the people outside Gujarat, where Modi has failed to cast his spell, are sensible enough not to vote for a mass murderer as their PM. Also if he himself wants to be the PM (which he surely does) he should apologize publically about the mistakes committed by him in 2002 just as Indira Gandhi did after the 1984 Sikh riots.

I also saw the video of Modi being interviewed by Karan Thapar of Devil’s Advocate on CNN IBN and how Modi had abruptly ended the interview on being questioned on the 2002 riots issue and his being named as a mass murderer. Had he been really innocent, he would have stayed till the end of the interview and defied the claims made by Thapar but his ‘running away’ in mere 5 minutes further strengthens my views about this non secular fellow.

Now talking about his three days fasting drama which he called ‘Sadbhavana’. It cost 6 crores of taxpayer’s money and with well orchestrated and misleading minority community presence Modi called it ‘Sadbhavana’! Where the heck was this so called ‘Sadbhavana’ for the people of Gujarat in 2002?
Now see what he did during his fast, it was open for public and still Haren Pandya’s widow was not let anywhere near the premises of the fast venue…
On the first day when Advani and all the leaders (religious and political) left, the public left and Headlines Today reported how he was angry and ‘ordered’ people to be brought in and the next day when there was heavy influx, the cops lathi charged the people and few of them bled, OK I understand the latter was to maintain the discipline but the former was mere for the media to show that he was well supported by the people but in reality on the evening of the first day he couldn’t even fill the hall to it’s capacity…
Thirdly, the arrest of Mallika Sarabhai and Mukul Sinha along with the peaceful protesters at Naroda-Patiya. It is totally UNDEMOCRATIC and foolish not to let a peaceful protest happen and arrest the protestors before even it began; and here there was not even any threat to his fast for the place was well far away from GU Auditorium where he was fasting.
And also did I mention how he put on every type of headgear brought by the people from different cultures from across the nation but he bluntly denied wearing the skull cap offered by a Mullah? Well, he tries to portray himself as secular but this incident shows that he isn’t, must be the crap he learnt to practice from his RSS days. Goodness the news cameras captured this incident but still people turned a blind eye to this. Now you see what do I mean when I say that this guy has cast a spell upon Guaratis? And these people are never going to vote him out of power. Well that’s good that I am soon leaving this state ‘ruled’ by a dictator in a few months.

Now coming to Sanjiv Bhatt, as I mentioned how he blew the whistle and showed the nation the truth behind Modi, What happened next? Modi just put him in jail. Yes Yes, I know you’ll argue citing the FIR filed against him by a police officer for allegedly making him sign a false affidavit; any sensible person would laugh upon this as how an IPS officer got behind the bars by just a complaint by a police officer for such a trivial reason. Also for just one moment if you open the ‘Modi’ blindfold and ask yourself that who was responsible for so many deaths in 2002, I know you’ll get the answer. Also you will see that the true reason behind not granting Sanjiv Bhatt bail is Modi’s insecurities and not this stupid FIR.

So at the end I just hope that someone better than ‘Sick’ dynasty aka Congress, ‘More Sick’ Advani aka BJP, ‘Perennially Sick’ Left, ‘Parasitic’ regional parties will prop up who will be not made of straw and will address the issues of nation. Hahha, It would happen for sure but in my dreams. meanwhile India will rot in the hands of these criminal, corrupt and non secular politicians.


5 responses to “BJP Bashing!

  1. you’re writing the same things that have been repeatedly written by anti-Modi activists since the unfortunate Gujarat riots happenned. Everything written is only your view point with absolutely zero proof to back it!! Your only alibi is Sanjiv Bhatt who even the courts dont believe anymore.

    As for LKA bribing journalists, please furnish proof alongside to back such rubbish!! Any proof??!!

    The cimplete article is your ipinion

    • Yes, you’re right, the article is my opinion and of any open minded and aware person!
      Cool, I might not have proof regarding his involvement in post Godhra massacre, hence giving him benefit of doubt, but your comments don’t explain his actions during his Sadbhavna drama that I’ve written about, viz.denying Jagruti Pandya entry, arresting peaceful protesters at Naroda and most importantly denying wearing a skull cap!
      The truth is that he wants the skeletons to remain buried in his closet hence he’s acting in the said manner! Had he nothing to fear about he would have let the protesters so their job! He’s just just concerned about saving his image!
      And tell me why is Zakia Jafri so desperate to get him punished? Why would she lie about Modi’s involvement in her husband’s death? What would that widow get out of blaming Modi (apart from fear for her life of course)?

      About LK Advani’s bribing, you should’ve seen the news at that time!

  2. And as for Karan Thapar, tell him to go question/blame the CONgress for “84 riots and see how he gets a tight slap from them. Modi ji’s reaction was very kind!!!

    I am proud of Narendra Modi and also proud of his RSS roots.JAI HIND!!! #MODIforPM

    • I have begun my post by saying that I am no Congress supporter so please refrain from quoting it in the comments, I think you didn’t see that!
      Anyway I have seen Karan Thapar interview many Congressmen with equal ‘harshness’ so please stop blaming him and all journalists of being anti BJP and pro Congress (for this is a trait I’ve seen most amongst your kind)

      And a non secular person like Narendra Modi can never be the PM of secular India! Sorry to say but this is going to be a distant dream for you! 🙂

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