Justice for Keenan and Reuben!

You need to be hiding under your kitchen sink in order to not to know about Keenan Santos and Reuben Fernmumbai-duo-350_110311024620andez.
On October 20 a group of youngsters decided to have a relaxing time at a restaurant in Andheri, Bombay. Now when they were heading out of the restaurant a few eve teasers started harassing the girls in the group; Keenan and Reuben retaliated this act and got in an argument with the eve teasers. Things got worse and the eve teasers called few other men from their ‘gang’ and then 21 men armed with knives arrived at the spot and started attacking and stabbing Keenan and Reuben; as a result Keenan died on the spot on account of multiple stab woundings and Reuben died 10 days later in the hospital.
Meanwhile their friends begged for help from the bystanders and the restaurant authorities and the guards but no one helped; the two dozen apathetic bystanders acted as mute spectators and witnessed this carnage from a distance. Funny thing is that the police station was a stone’s throw away from that spot but still there was no intervention from the police. When friends of Keenan and Reuben tried calling police, they couldn’t get through and got the message that their call was on wait. Meanwhile the attackers did their job and ran away. The murderers were eventually taken in custody but they walked free yesterday as their custody ended.
(You can get the detailed story on any of the Indian news websites on the internet)

Times Now has started a campaign to bring justice to the deceased; they are collecting messages from the people and will pass it on to the Chief Minister of Maharashtra and Mumbai Police Commissioner so that the culprits can get the harshest punishments and the brave hearts who stood up for a right thing get justice.

You can comment on the concerned post on Times Now’s Facebook page and each comment will be forwarded to Mumbai Police Commissioner and the CM
and you can also tweet on Times Now’s Twitter page here (#justiceforkeenanandreuben)
Spread this as far as you can so that families of Keenan and Reuben get justice. Remember, today it’s these two, tomorrow it can be you

Meanwhile if you want to extend your support to the families and friends of the deceased you can join this Facebook group.

The system in India is hopeless; first, the police station being two minutes away, the police did not intervene. Second, now the murderers are being released from the custody even though everyone knows that they killed Keenan and Reuben.
It’s time we make some serious reforms and amendments in our legal system to deliver quick justice and not to let the culprits roam free even after committing such gruesome act as a murder. But who’s listening, surely not these bloody corrupt politicians.


(picture courtesy: India Today)


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