I like How It Feels!

I Like How It Feels–Enrique Iglesias

Yes, I like how it feels! Heard this amazing number by Enrique on radio (yes, online radio, as if Ahmedabad’s stations would give me Enrique to listen) few weeks back and it just pumps me up with energy every time I hear it; and yes, after a long time I’ve got such a number!! Take a listen yourself and you’ll know what I am talking about; also I think I spotted Sandra Bullock in the video, and do I need to mention about the amazing dogs in the video?  (Yes, I love dogs!)
Here’s few lines from the number which give me an instant high!

It’s my time, it’s my life, I can do what I like
For the price of a smile, I gotta take it to right
So I keep living, cause the feel’s right
And it’s so nice, and I’d do it all again
This time, it’s forever
It gets better, and I I, I like how it feels.

So just turn it up, let me go
I’m alive, yes and no, never stop
Give me more, more, more
Cause I like how it feels
Ooh yeah, I like how it feels.


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