21 Today!

It’s 11:30 PM, just 30 minutes more and I’ll hit the big 2-1!  I guess the big deal about this birthday is that it’s No. 21.
Yes, so it’s my birthday tomorrow, I haven’t been a big birthday person for many years now because it really feels like any other day. I remember last year I had posted my deliberations on hitting 20 and I certainly was bit over concerned than I needed to be on turning 20; and today, on the brink of finishing 21 years of my existence on this insignificant planet, I feel calm! The older I get though, the more I realize just how quickly time passes. I know I’m still very young, but with this birthday, even though I’ve been 20 for a year, I feel more of a “twenty-something” and less of a teenager.

This year is going to be important for me, I will begin with my job and will enter the ‘real world’; moving to a new city, living on my own, it’s all going to be exciting. It’s my time now, and it’s my life and now I am ready to fully take the responsibility of it. I have my entire adult life spread in front of me and it’s up to me to shape it the way I want to; after all life’s just beginning at 21 and I’m going to celebrate my coming years, for I’ve got just one life to live!

I only hope that at 42 I can be the same way and have a life I can look back on at that  age and smile at all I’ve done. I’m still young and have more dreams and plans than I can shake a stick it. It’s time to achieve them while still remembering to live up my youth while I’m still young; for as Ben Mezrich says, ‘You turn 21 just once, and it goes by very fast’.
This year’s gonna be a year of finding the balance. Right now, though, it’s time to celebrate! Err wait, how would I celebrate? I’m in Gujarat and though now officially I am of legal drinking age, it doesn’t matter here! So, it’s gonna be the most boring 21st Birthday anyone has ever had, (well, another reason, it’s my exam today, and the next day)!

Meanwhile it’s about to strike midnight and I am finishing my post! Here I’m going to go to bed singing these lines from this country song!

I’m 21 today, 21 today!
I’ve got the keys of the door, never been 21 before;
And Pa says I can do as I like, so I shout hip hip hurray!
He’s a jolly good fellow! 21 TODAY!!


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