An Open Letter to Kapil Sibal!

Dear Mr. Sibal,
Well fuhget it!

Mr. Sibal

I see you called executives from companies like Google, Microsoft and Facebook and asked them to set up a pre-screening mechanism to monitor user content on the internet! Also you showed them a Facebook page that maligned ruling Congress Party chief Sonia Gandhi and told them it was “unacceptable”. And when your countrymen cried fowl and linked it to censorship you denied promoting censorship and said some of the images and statements on social media sites risked fanning tensions in India, and hence you want content to be pre scanned and those found guilty would be punished.
Seriously Mr. Sibal?? What’s the difference between censorship and pre screening for in both the cases one can’t freely express one’s views which the government finds offensive! And you think the public is so illiterate as not to understand the hidden political motive of preventing public attacks on your government, particularly the Gandhi Family and your reasoning based on religious grounds to cover it up? The numerous Hate India pages on the internet don’t bother you but ones where Sonia Gandhi is the target, they do? And why does this decision come after a time when Team Anna extensively used social media for it’s campaign against the corruption scams of your government?

We are a democracy Mr. Sibal, if you might have forgotten and freedom of expression is our constitutional right, you want to take that away? Then what’s the difference between the democratic us and the communist China or the Dictatorial Saudi Arabia? We are going the China Way with your dictatorial policies! Till now we Indians have been laughing at China for the lack of political freedom, it looks like the Indian government is no different after all. You are all the same. The media in India is not free and you know it for it’s because of people like you, so now you’ll target the uncensored and free social media? Mr. Sibal, you should move on asap, maybe to Pakistan or China where you would be rolled out a red carpet for your un-democratic policies like this one.
How low can your government go? We are being governed (actually I should say ruled) by a family, rather dynasty which can’t even produce graduates and has ideas 100 years old where speaking against the powerful is blasphemous! Your impotent government cannot pass a neutral lokpal bill, indulges in largest scams in the nation’s history, cannot even implement FDI in retail and bows down to the opposition. All it knows is to suppress agitations and they don’t mind going to and extent of killing freedom of speech of a common man. Your government can do nothing and people are realizing the impotence of Congress with each passing day.  Even your PM doesn’t have freedom of speech and he works under the control of your same Madam jee who has her wealth stacked away in Swiss Bank. He doesn’t seem to have any problem with that but we are not slaves here, it is our country, our pride and our hard earned freedom. Your government has to realize that censoring social networks does not do anything. Moreover there are other important things to worry about in the country like the corruption within your party members, lokpal, FDI, issues of Black money, terrorism and what not! Don’t waste your time and energy in trivial acts like this! You have to act in favor of the public to get people support and such acts are further dooming your party; well on the other front it’s good, this act of yours is another step in the direction of overthrowing Congress in the next elections! Not that I support your non secular opposition BJP but I will be glad if you and your dear Gandhi dynasty is out of power! You will be inviSibal! You read that? InviSibal!

And may I know Mr. SIbal what happened to the top trending #IdiotKapilSibal tag on Twitter? How did it suddenly disappear today afternoon from the trending list (later followed by #KapilSibal, #Censorship, #FreeSpeech and #FreedomOfSpeech)) while it still was being tweeted with a frequency of at least 2-3 tweets per minute? So you started censorship already? Did you feel threatened by this tiny little tag? And I don’t think I need to tell you how the virtual world is currently filled with ridiculously funny (read offending) pictures and writings about you! You see you dug your own grave and got what you were out to censor! Do you want that under the tenure of your government we should start bidding adieu to democracy? Well this won’t happen and don’t worry, come 2014 and your party will be swept out of power, then the non secular BJP will serve but that’s a different topic altogether!

Oh! And yes Mr. Sibal, I think this post does fall in your category of ‘unacceptable’ for it doesn’t support the Congress for it’s dictatorial policies, How would you control independent blogs like this one?? Do let me know!  And yes, Sonia Gandhi is not God!

Yours Sincerely,
(Who am I kidding??)

from The K Street Journal!


6 responses to “An Open Letter to Kapil Sibal!

  1. Adding to above.. We never mocked good leaders like APJ Kalam .. behave like them and feel the difference…

    • Agreed, that’s true and also I’ve always maintained that BJP too is not good for the nation with it’s non secular ways and everything.
      It’s like there is no political party worthy of our votes in India!

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