Life is to live, not to remain in one’s cocooned comforts!

Ever noticed how a Caterpillar transforms from the said form to a Butterfly? How after few days in the cocoon he comes out as a beautiful winged creature who is free to fly, free to explore the world and do what it couldn’t do within its prior physical limitations! Well, metaphorically I am currently in this transition period of my life! I am a Caterpillar currently living in the comfort of my cocoon, getting the message that it is transition time, a time to do something different, dying to transform into a butterfly and explore the world which I couldn’t because of my prior limitations; dying to soar and enjoy that elegant manifestation.

Anyway the point is that, in a month and a half I will be done with college and in two and a half months my tryst with Ahmedabad will come to an end (finally!), I will be entering the ‘real’ world which will be free from the cocooned comforts of home and the guided pathways of college, I will be moving out from my parents’ house and will be living on my own, working in the corporate world in a new city which will bring new experiences.  It is the time to step fully and completely into the different version of me, from a student to a professional; I have been anticipating this since long and now it’s so near that I can almost touch it!

Hyderabad, this is where most probably I will land up, well I have the preference for Bombay or Bangalore too but I prefer Hyderabad over them. Bombay is like my second home but it won’t be new in anyway, and given the fact how much I love Bangalore and half of my family too being there, it will be the same thing! Hyderabad is new, been there last time 5 years back for about two weeks, it seemed to be a good city, so I have decided to head there and the fact of India head office of the firm where I will be working being in Hyderabad has also pushed me to take this decision!
I could easily have opted for Bombay as most of the people from college placed with me are doing for it is closer to Ahmedabad, and well, everyone has some relatives in Bombay, but I want to remain out of this comfort zone. Want to go for a new city which would bring new experiences and in a way make me more independent. I’m sure, if it wasn’t for this opportunity I would never have got a chance to live in Hyderabad and experience it’s culture, food and the way of living! Yes, I want to dig in the interesting history of the city which was once a part of the richest princely state of Osmanistan, I want to see the old city, how it was when the Nizams ruled it (and sure blog about it under the series ‘Wandering Through Hyderabad’) how the Nizams wanted Osmanistan to be a separate country; and being a foodie, I want to savour its Nawabi cuisine and what not! I’ve even started reading ferociously about the History and life of the city!

In a way I want to live my life fully, I want to celebrate it, make it large, I want to see new places, explore and travel for for I’ve got just one life to live! (And I’m lucky, working in the consulting industry requires a lot of travel)  What’s the use of it if I stay the way I am cocooned in my comfort zone, it wouldn’t change me much!

And as Bon Jovi says:
It’s my life and it’s now or never,
I ain’t gonna live forever,
I just wanna live my life!

Meanwhile what I can do is just wait for these two and a half months to pass soon before bidding adieu to Ahmedabad and then start a new life!


One response to “Life is to live, not to remain in one’s cocooned comforts!

  1. Travel, see the world, explore, learn, get new expreriences, become independent.. that’s what maketh a man! 🙂

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