On why I will quit Facebook when I’m out of college!

Yes, I will quit Facebook the day I graduate and will be one of the elite few who don’t have a Facebook account! Jokes apart, Facebook is getting more and more annoying and stupider with each passing day and no, I’m not talking about those self centred updates by people announcing that they are at so and so restaurant, watching so and so movie etc., uploading pictures in random poses for the same and such idiotic behaviour of some on Facebook these days (well that can be considered a reason too)!
But reasons for mine quitting it are different, most of which won’t even be worth bothering for many! First of all I’ll be out of college, I believe that Facebook is a college thing. Like when you’re in college and as it is said in ‘The Social Network’, naturally you want to know what others are up to, who’s dating who and such stuff, but as you mature you are not bothered about such trivial teenage things and grow out of it! And believe me, it’s true! I am apathetic towards it since a long time. Yes, agreed it was exciting when it was new, features like chatting, birthdays, seeing what everyone is doing right on your home page etc. but not anymore, at least not for me!
Another reason, the new changes in Facebook, i.e. the Timeline and Ticker. With the introduction of timeline it’s appalling that people can now access my previous posts and interactions. I don’t want anyone who came late on my friend list access my previous digital life, see friends I made, check out my likes and dislikes of those immature teenage days. In short, why would I like to have my entire Facebook life accessible to all!
And the ticker, apart from being annoying it broadcasts my every move to the world! Why should I let my nosey cousin to know who I am interacting with or what pages I like! To concise, privacy is an alien term on Facebook now!
And so much spam, requests for joining Poker etc. poping up in notifications every now and then!
I know, many will argue that quitting is not the answer to this, just stop logging in if you want to stay away from it. But who are you kidding, it never works!

When I put an update announcing my plans of quitting on Facebook, I got responses like what’s wrong in quitting now, why wait for graduation? The reason is that there are few professional groups that I’m a member of on Facebook whose updates I can’t afford to miss now. After I’m out of college and have joined my firm, they’ll be trivial, hence I’m waiting otherwise I’d have deactivated months ago!

Also I have seen many argue that by quitting I won’t be able to retain my contacts or be in touch with old friends. Frankly, we don’t need Facebook for retaining contacts, didn’t we used to do without it before 2005? Moreover out of about 450 friends I have I don’t think I might be in regular contact with more than 150, plus we have the regular e mail and Cell phones to contact people who matter, don’t we?
I’d rather have a real life than this virtual one, I would like to personally call or e mail people rather than dropping lines on their walls. I don’t want to have such a life now when on weekends I sit in front of the laptop and put pretentious updates stating I had the best weekend ever; now that I can, I’d rather go out, take part in various recreational activities over wasting time on Facebook!

And yes, the only time I’ll come back is when I have to contact someone urgently where I have no means to contact that person apart from Facebook or when my job requires me to have a Facebook account (highly unlikely)! Meanwhile, after two months, goodbye Facebook, it was nice interacting ‘in’ you!

Leaving you with this…


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