A mesmerising musical treat!

Looking at the title it might seem that this post is about a review of some gig that I recently attended; no, it’s about one wonderful song! I heard this number this morning on the Indipop stream on planetradiocity.com  (Yes, isn’t it exciting we have a 24X7 Indipop stream in these days where we get nothing on the name of Hindi music but Bollywood crap! Oh, and apart from providing quality music it’s nostalgic too!) and I was spellbound! I slightly recall to have heard it in the middle of the last decade but never paid much attention to it, but today morning it came back to me!  This number has got one of the best and most meaningful lyrics I’ve ever heard (others being every single number by Rabbi Shergill). Though it’s in Punjabi, a language which I don’t understand much but I searched the net and it all became clear and made sense! It is such a powerful song that’ll surely leave you mesmerized after listening to it! It is a number which requires you to tickle your grey cells and ponder! This number is called ‘Mahi Ve’ by the wonderful Canada based band ‘Josh’.
Here is the song and below are the lyrics, I have also pasted the line by line English meaning below, listen to the number and read both then you’ll understand what I’m talking about!

I like the hairstyle of Q (the non surd guy)


Punjabi Lyrics

Mahi ve mahi ve arz karaan,
Menu vu asmaani fitrat de,
Vada mai hoke vi chukyan rava
Dola ve dola ve, himmat de

Jo vi milay,pyaar naal mila
Eh nafrat dil chon door karke,
Je kam avay jaan meri ode,
Ta hathaan ote dedaan jaan tarke
Insaani rishtaan nibhavan meh
Ghehraan noo apna banavan meh

Jo vi devay, laake sar mathay
Mai jeendaan jevaan sari zindagani,
Mai teri razaa de vich hoya raazi,
Teri meharbaani
Kisi da vi hakh meh na khavan
apni raah chalde jaavaan

English Meaning

God oh God hear what i say
give me ethereal wisdom,
No matter how successful I become, I remain humble
God oh God, give me strength (for that)

That whomsoever I meet, I meet them with love
leaving hatred away from my heart
If my life can be of any use to that person
I hand it over in the hands of that person
may I fulfil my human relationships
may I make even strangers my own

Whatever You give me, may i think highly of it
and my live my whole life
I’m happy in Your decisions
(due to) your mercy
may I never take away somebody’s rights
and instead walk my own path.

Though not in the sense it is written (removing the theistic part for me), the song has a deep meaning and words worth pondering upon.
Leaving you with another, amazing but lighter song by this same group, Kabhi…


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