I’m feeling good…

Yes, I’m feeling good everyday after the new routine that I’ve started following! Getting up at 5 AM, going for a 5 Km long walk+jog, it feels good! Started it more than a week ago, initially used to cover 5 Kms in an hour, now it’s 45 minutes, aim to reduce it to 30 minutes!
Because of this routine I get to wake up early and get a lot of time before I get going. Utilizing it for this walk+jog, reading the print from first page to the last, having full breakfast and of course listening to Kris Fade, Priti Malik and Big Rossi on Virgin Radio Dubai apart from catching the morning news on Headlines Today while heading out! On top of that, the day passes smoothly and actively without any laziness, I enjoy my work and finally no problems in bed (no, not that way) of remaining awake hours after retiring for the night!
Seems like someone had a wild time last night!
(Above) A picture that I captured last morning which shows the ‘dryness’ of Gujarat right in the capital city of Gandhinagar. Seems like someone had a wild time last night!

I’m feeling good after quitting Facebook on 8th April, previously had planned to quit it after two months, on my graduation, but couldn’t resist the temptation so did it now itself! And no, I’m not tempted to type ‘facebook.com’ in my browser, rather I get more time in the day now thus increasing my productivity, for previously overall in the day I spent about an hour on Facebook, now as that hour is saved I feel my day has been lengthened. And there is no problem in retaining contacts without Facebook, (of course I did it before 2009 too when I got on Facebook without any problems). For people from college, I always have the e mail id provided by the college while for those not from college, I’ve started interacting with them through regular e mail.

I’m feeling good for now there’s just one month remaining to finish college and exactly two months, as of today, for leaving Ahmedabad (see I’m keeping the count). I’m going to begin a new life in a new city now! This transition from being a student to professional is the best phase of my college life! There’s a lot of excitement for my first corporate job (not counting my silly summer job at the call centre) and I think now I’m all geared up and fully ready  for it! And of course, I’m happy to finally being free from my University, the four years that it made us toil, I’ll be free from that, just one more month, that’s it! And I’ve to see all my local friends for the last time after this month!
Picked this book some time back from Crossword, now I think is the correct time to start reading it!
(Left) Picked this book some time back from Crossword, now I think is the correct time to start reading it!











To conclude, life has brightened up now and it feels good, yes I’m feeling good!
Leaving you with this wonderful track by Michael Bublé named ‘Feeling Good’

PS-If you’re reading this in e mail, you won’t be able to view the video (realised this flaw after my last post)! Click on ‘Comment’ or ‘See All Comments’ below to open this post in a new tab.


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