Who moved my beef?

On 15th April, Sunday evening, some students (and few professors) at Osmania University in Hyderabad organised a beef festival at their campus where they prepared and served variety of beef based dishes. This was to highlight their demand for including beef in their hostel menu just as chicken or any other non veg or veg food item. Surprisingly this demand was not made by Muslim students (as expected) but by Dalit and left wing students along with some foreign ones. The beef festival was organised by them as an expression of their cultural identity or constitutional right.

Apart from the shudders of disbelief from this idea of a Beef fest in India, nothing looks wrong in it, does it? Just a bunch of students in a democratic country demanding for a food item to be included in their hostel’s menu peacefully in a creative manner.  But No, some religious fanatics from a right wing group named Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP), which also happens to be the student wing of staunch non secular political party BJP (not surprising) opposed it and clashed with the organisers leading to injury of five students, stabbing of one and burning of vehicles including one van of a news channel (hence proved ABVP is related to BJP looking at it’s non secular and violent ways).

Now the matter of concern here is the way ABVP students retaliated. Agreed Beef is a sensitive issue for most of the Hindus for they consider cows as holy and are against its slaughter but this doesn’t mean that these people can go on creating riots and prevent others from eating it. And who the heck are these ABVP kids? Are they representatives of Hindus? If they believe so then who gave them the responsibility for it? It’s groups like this ABVP, RSS and BJP that create communal disharmony in India. India is (still) a democratic country and they have no right to interfere in others’ matter and tell them what to eat and what not to eat. These people who don’t eat beef think it is their right to prevent others from eating it but it doesn’t work that way. ABVP activists have every right to not eat beef, like beef eaters have every right to carry on eating beef, but a violent protest in this regard is stupid.
In Kerala almost all Hindus eat beef and as far as I know, unlike in Islam (for pork), no Hindu religious text states that beef is forbidden, it’s just that Hindus consider cow as holy hence they avoid eating it.
I’m sure, a pork fest in India won’t turn into a scandal as big as the one (thanks to these right wing extremists) at Osmania University! In fact currently in Assam, as a part of Bihu festival they are consuming pork in large amounts but no one’s (rightly) opposing it. Muslims have never rioted over the fact that Hindus eat pork or not serve halal meat but then this beef festival inciting riot clearly shows what BJP religious fanatics are up to. The point is that in a free country like ours people are free to eat whatever they want but these BJP non seculars are taking away this ‘right’ too. In a way they are opposing the idea of democracy in India.
Don’t eat beef, don’t serve pork, don’t live here if you are a non-vegetarian. I’m getting sick of this new breed of Indian food moral police.

This reminds me how BJP as a part of it’s motive of turning India into a backward Hindu nation from it’s current modern secular status has banned cow slaughter in Madhya Pradesh and here in Gujarat too. I see in the prints every now and then that how every few days the police catches people ‘smuggling’ beef here in Ahmedabad as if it’s a huge crime. Agreed not Hindus but people from other religions still consider beef as their staple food for it’s a cheap yet nutritious meat. But as BJP is in power  it doesn’t care about Muslims, anyway one still gets beef in Ahmedabad if one knows where to head but that’s not the point. The point is that with its archaic non secular ideologies like banning cow slaughter in a free democratic nation, BJP is slowly turning India into a Hindu Saudi Arabia and we don’t want that, do we? And banning beef but not pork in BJP ruled states in a way is a victory of the non secular Hindu Taliban. If BJP’s aim is genuinely not to hurt religious sentiments then why haven’t they banned pork in their ‘ruled’ states too? This gives you the answer.
Another example of BJP non secularism that I had blogged sometime back, here. Read it to know about BJP’s plan to thump Gita’s lessons on school students for all religions in Karnataka.

And don’t get me wrong here, I’m also a Hindu by birth (but a secular pantheist by choice) and I eat beef, and pork too and will continue eating it for it’s my personal choice and a part of the food chain, (it’s delicious too). If someone has a problem with it then it’s his problem, not mine.

Meanwhile here’s something as the alternate full form for BJP; Beef Jerky Party! And to conclude, this Economic Times article.

PS-I’m not a Congress supporter and I hate it as much as any Indian would for what it has done to the country!


6 responses to “Who moved my beef?

  1. As a hindu who eats and enjoy eating beef, I find this protests disgusting. But having said that, I must say that the ‘secular’ protests are equally disgusting. If you want to to eat beef say you want to eat beef. If you say that a pork festival won’t incite violence, that is a total lie. I am from Kerala, so beef and pork eating are a non-issue. But if someone were to organize a pork festival in a muslim neighborhood, there is no prize for guessing the outcome. In Kerala, there was a professor whose hand was chopped was almost nothing, just because it supposedly hurt some ‘sentiments’. How would any muslim feel if some secular guys were to says, Hindus won’t chop anyone’s hand like this? No secular guys said that and was actually blaming the professor, would you believe? Problem with secular guys is you seem to give clean chit to non-hindus. Just like your linked blog about gita – that christian schools won’t force learning bible. How can you conclude that just because you were not forced, no christian schools force it? I personally know christian schools which beat kids with a cane if they don’t draw the cross. And speaking about gita, I would like to know all the secular guys’ opinion about forcing Hindi on south Indian students – don’t tell me that does not happen, it does and there is no option to not study hindi.

    So, to conclude, if you guys are consistent – like extending support the professor to write any freaking thing he wants just like you supported Husain’s paintings – you would find more support from more people. Your one-dimensional secularism is actually aggravating the problem than helping ti resolve it.

    A lighter note: I know 2 magic phrases to make all the pro “freedom of expression” secular guys: Just say “prophet cartoons” or “Florida pastor”, all the guys who were vouching for MF Husain would run for dear life

    • About your point on eating beef, you’ve stated that ‘If you want to to eat beef say you want to eat beef.’ So didn’t these students just do that? And they didn’t do it in Hindu neighborhoods, they did it in their university campus, it’s ABVP kids who barged in and interrupted it.
      Obviously any sensible person won’t organize a pork fest in a Muslim neighborhood in order not to hurt their religious sentiments and if someone is doing it in their neighborhood then that person’s sole aim is to hurt their community.
      And yes, that hand chopping incident in Kerala, I’m aware of it and what happened was wrong, and how do you expect anyone (seculars included) to give a clean chit to someone who did such an inhuman act? Religion doesn’t come into play here, it’s the matter of right and wrong and I believe that what conspired was wrong and the person should be punished irrespective of his religion. It’s just an assumption emerging from your narrow mindedness that seculars are just anti Hindus.
      About the post regarding Gita, you say that you’ve seen such Christian school where students are caned if they don’t draw a cross then why don’t they raise a voice against it; religion excluded it’s still against the law to beat up school kids. I gave my perspective that I haven’t seen such thing in my schools but if you have then it’s your responsibility to do something about it.
      Also drawing such generalizations about the entire religion base on one or two incidents isn’t correct either.

      Coming to your point of (let me say it in your words) ‘forcing’ Hindi on south Indian students.
      Why? Isn’t South India a part of India? Are south Indian students not Indian? Why are you so baffled by Hindi being taught to south Indian students? Why do you think that you are not a part of India? With this attitude you are no less a anti national.
      Hindi is our national language and if you consider yourself an Indian then you should enthusiastically learn it rather than opposing it and seeing it as forcibly being taught to south Indian students. If they stop teaching Hindi then people of these southern states won’t be able to do any thing outside of their states in India for their south Indian regional languages won’t work outside of their states. And thus they’ll be confined within their regional limits and won’t be able to progress.
      Also I don’t understand whats with the hatred of people frm these southern states towards north Indians? I have seen hostile attitude of some locals in south’s IT hubs Bangalore n Hyderabad towards them. These points south Indian people should work upon rather than opposing Hindi.

      About your conclusion, India is still a free country where people have freedom of expression, the professor and MF Hussain never did anything out of these bounds, it should rather be sad that such a great painter was exiled from his own nation and died in a foreign land. And yes, being a secular I also extend my support to Salman Rushdie; see, that’s irrespective of religion, this is called secularism not what you think of it (anti Hindu).

      ANyway Thanks a lot for taking out your time to read my posts and commenting, I really appreciate it.

      • You missed my point, a bit. My point is not about beef, my point is about the flip-flops secular guys do at will. Let me cite examples.

        I am ok with ‘forcing’ hindi as it the national song and most secular guys would agree to that. But what I don’t understand is the supposedly secular argument that we cannot force anyone to sing national song (Vande Mataram). If we cannot force national song on anyone, surely we cannot force the national language on anyone? And don’t bring up the stupid argument that forcing national language unites people but forcing national song doesn’t. If a song hurt someone’s sentiments, forcing a language can also hurt.

        For the next point, see this article: http://www.boloji.com/index.cfm?md=Content&sd=Articles&ArticleID=7807

        The author says that some other article is violence inciting, so the article should not be published. The author was one of the stakeholders in the beef festival. Isn’t hat violence inciting? (You don’t need proof, do you?). And this is the same person who was arguing for Husain’s freedom in twitter. Two diametrically opposite arguments – 1 for gurumurthy’s article, another for paintings and beef festival.

        Surely, you cannot have the cake and eat it too?

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