It happened last night…

And it freaked me out. It hit me, it hit me hard. The sudden realisation that my undergraduate college life is over. I was so eager to bid goodbye to college and enter the real world and (I am eager even now) but now, even though my last day was not even three weeks ago, I’ve started missing college, it’s green pathways, that walk from the parking area to D block, the classrooms, those cream colored benches on which we scribbled all the crap in the world. I will never get to experience all this ever again.

I remember my first day in July 2008, it was the start of a new life, four years at the campus and I was going to be an engineer. I have to say these four years changed me, I emerged as a completely different person in 2012 than I was in 2008. Yes, college life taught me a lot of valuable lessons of life, too many to mention and frankly I don’t have words to describe most of them.

Anyway, my freshman year was spent being high (not literally), after all it was this sudden jump from 12th grade science student to a free collegian, also I turned 18 that year, an adult finally. I have to say my college turned out quite different from what I had expected; talking about my college in particular, it was like a jail, attendance in every lecture, that too 80% mandatory (in the senior year it was changed to 85%) one couldn’t move out of college until it was the finish time, you miss even one lab in the first month and your name was there in the attendance review. Also demographically I wasn’t too glad to find that more than 70% college crowd was the typical gujju types, well finally I made some good friends from the alternative crowd.
So at the end of the first year I had my summer job in the graveyard shift which was fun.

The following two years passed normally with same boring lectures by some faculties who by default started blabbering in gujju when in class, while some others couldn’t even speak in proper English (an example; a professor once intended to ask the last benchers to stand up because as per him they ‘annoyed’ him, said “Last three benches, all are stand up”. The same guy also once mentioned that renewable sources of energy will be over before non renewable ones). While in this duration I volunteered and interned for an NGO which I thoroughly enjoyed.

The senior year was the best part of my college life. starting from June 2011 it was filled with many turbulations. As these were the last two semesters of college (and the last one of classroom coaching) we took the maximum out of them. August 2011 brought along with it a trip to Adani port in Mundra, it was the best weekend, with all the classmates going together for an overnight outing for the first time ever, we had to make the most out of it. It was monsoon and I still remember how during those rainy days we gathered at Ashram Road, Ahmedabad at 5 in the morning waiting for the bus to pick us up along with four faculty members whom we never bothered to listen to throughout the trip. At Mundra we stayed in a hostel and had loads of fun, specially in the night during campfire.
Few days after the trip, began the placement season, after much speculations I (proudly) got placed on Day Zero as one of the first four from my class (and first 20 from college) in a Fortune 100 MNC, one of the niche companies to visit the campus. I remember it had rained heavily on that day and how I had got up late but still managed to reach college on time. Anyway that was the happiest day of my college life, and after 8 PM that day when I got to know I was in, there was no looking back, since then till today, I really didn’t realize how this time passed.
Oh, and how can I forget how I appeared for CAT just for formality in October. Then there were the last ever written exams of college in November and how we used to study furiously at the end moment in the hallway along with some friends.
And then came the final semester starting from January 2012 where a major project was to be done throughout the semester and how I along with my friend Modi used to irritate Riddhi in the Hardware Lab; and how can I forget how I used to probe her about Dubai. Anyway at this stage I would like to thank professor Mecwan. He had been a great help to me and my project partner throughout both semesters as our project guide, and thanks to him I got an A in minor project and hopefully will get another A in major project too.
The last day when all of the classmates got together was early last month when college officially gave us farewell (and made us eat Idli Sambhar with Ice Cream) followed by the photo session, and that was the day I saw most of my batch mates last time. Come 14th May, the final review and I was free as a bird.

I won’t say these four years passed quickly (except for the time after placement) and I didn’t realize where this time went etc. because I know how I passed these four damn years, it was a long time and not a cakewalk. Being culturally misfit in a college filled with more than 70% typical gujju crowd, I know what I had to go through. Anyway finally I am done with college. I am happy, but not overwhelmed with rehearsed nostalgia like most of my classmates. Just happy to move on. but yet there’s mild craving to go back and attend just one more lecture in the classrooms of D block of my alma mater with all my classmates for I don’t know when (or ever?) I am going to see them again.

Soon I will be sporting the black convocation robe on the occasion of completing engineering with a distinction and that will mark the day when I will be awarded B.Tech degree.
These fun moments will never be back but they surely can be cherished. It happens, at times life stands at those crossroads where we have only memories with no one else, we cherish and smile or cry by remembering our old days. Who knows what I will be doing or where I will be in say ten years from now, these memories will surely remain with me.
No matter how much I hated college and cursed the authorities back then, but this sweet part of my life is over, and is never going to come back.
Daughtry has rightly said; Years go by and time just seems to fly, but the memories remain…


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