Goodbye Ahmedabad, Welcome Real World!

Leaving this city tonight, I can’t believe this is finally happening, the feeling is so real, the exhilaration of being on my own at last, living in a new city, working in the corporate world and being the part of the rat race. It was supposed to happen few months ago but due to an unanticipated reason, it got postponed a bit from then to now, but nevertheless, the moment is here and I am overwhelmed.
The last four and a half years that I spent in Ahmedabad helped me a lot to mould myself into the person I am today. I have very fond memories associated with this city; the formative college years and the friends, the nourishing time spent with the NGO I worked for and the wonderful people I met there, the regular Saturday Night Purple Flower gigs at the outskirts, the late night motorbike riding in the serene Gandhinagar, going for movies at 11 PM alone with exams around the corner, the Wednesday meditation sessions, the French classes, discovering the old city on my own, savouring the non veg delights it had to offer and blogging about it, and foremost, the comfort of my parents’ home.
Despite these yearnings, will I ever want to come back to the city for work or living permanently? No, for I am sure, wherever my life takes me, it is not going to put me in this city permanently, and I am glad about it. Some things need closure, need to be moved on with; of course I will keep coming to this city occasionally for my family stays here but never permanently. And this is essential for I am moving towards a new phase of my life in a new city which will give me new experiences and in the long term, of course, new memories. So I am done with Ahmedabad, that phase of my life, both sweet, and sour at many times, is over and could I be more glad!

Now what I have ahead of me is the corporate world where I am away from the guided pathways of college and cocooned comforts of my parents’ home. I remember the day few weeks ago when probably for the last time us friends met for dinner, talked about variety of stuff, had a gala time and bid goodbye for everyone was moving to different cities, to start their tryst with the corporate world. It was an overwhelming moment for sure, we never know whether some of us would meet each other ever again or not. But that’s life, that’s how it makes us realize that it is special and such moments should be cherished, that’s how it should be and I’m glad it’s like this!

With my convocation held a month ago, my college days have faded into the background. The corporate world seems scary, yet inviting. Along with independence and money comes the fear of swimming in unchartered waters. A new way of life, different daily routine, new and more formal relationships, the necessity to perform politics. I’m sure this is going to be a new learning experience for me which is going to help me throughout  my time on this planet.
Now is the time to enter the real world, and as it was quoted in an episode of sitcom Friends, “Welcome to the real world. It sucks. You’re gonna love it!”; YES, I’M GOING TO LOVE IT!

Oh btw, the journal from now onwards will be published from Bombay! Smile


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