Coke Studio Pakistan: Alif Allah, Jugni

I had to post this. Can’t get this number out of my head. This is an exceptional song with equally exceptional music that aired on Coke Studio Pakistan few years back. It’s performed by Arif Lohar, who is a Punjabi folk singer from Pakistan and Meesha Shafi, who apart from being this amazing vocalist is also an actor and has starred in Mira Nair’s ‘The Reluctant Fundamentalist’ (based on Mohsin Hamid’s novel by the same name). This video is Pakistan’s highest watched YouTube video ever with more than 1.3 million hits at the time of this posting. Coke Studio
Coke Studio is a live musical show with the concept of blending together two different genres of music, be it folk with pop or sufi with contemporary music, into one single number, and the result, you can see is excellence extraordinaire. I’ve keenly followed Coke Studio Pakistan (and certain parts of Coke Studio Middle East too) and I can undoubtedly say that this is the best number from the entire lot Coke Studio has come out with.


It’s always nice to escape into some soul music sometimes in our hectic lives. So close your eyes, hear it out and feel the magic.Smile

PS: If you can’t watch this video on email, click on the title of the post and you’ll be redirected on the concerned page on K Street Journal where you can play the video.


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