Nostalgia: College Days

Today I drove down to my university campus after almost a year. The green pathways, the laboratories, the hallways, the classrooms, the canteen block, the benches by the lake, meeting the professors… it was overwhelming and brought back so many memories! Memories of jumping out of the window to bunk a lecture, memories of final year placements, memories of those college festivals and staying back till late hours, memories of having lunch in the classroom with Suchak, Samarth and the gang, memories of the final year project with Riddhi and Modi in the D block project lab, memories of Professor Velala’s early morning marketing lecture, memories of Shanghai and I staying up all night to prepare for the business plan competition the next day, memories of copying assignments at the last moment, memories of the convocation day when all of us friends met for the last time, and what not.

Today when I was at my alma mater, it seemed all different, something was missing, yes, my college life and student days were missing. My classroom had all new faces, I couldn’t spot Shanghai and Dhroo on the desks, I couldn’t find Riddhi and Modi at our usual lunch spot, the anxiety before the VIVAs in the PG building was missing, the commotion during the placement days in the III Cell was missing, it had all changed, naturally, except for the memories.
All of my college friends have moved on to different cities; some are in the States, some are in Bangalore, some in Hyderabad, some in Poona while some are in Bombay along with me. That’s expected as there are no job opportunities for IT professionals like us in Ahmedabad or Gujarat. And frankly speaking, I’m glad it’s like this, or else I might have been stuck in Ahmedabad even post my graduation.

Daughtry has rightly said, Years go by and time just seems to fly, but the memories remain…


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