Turning 23…

And today, it’s the last day when I can call myself a 22 year old. 23… feels old, rather, no more young. Though I’ve felt like this since I turned 20 but deep inside I knew I was still  young, I still had time to reach the edge of the ledge, down from where was real life and independence. But now, I’ve taken the plunge, made the free fall and I’m well within this phase, comfortably settled in, and I haven’t been happier in my life than I am today.

Turning 20 was thought provoking for it was the big 2-0 and I was no longer a teenager; 21, bit exciting for I was then allowed legally to drink (but couldn’t for I was then in dry Gujjuland, Ahmedabad), and 22 was like the second anniversary of turning 21, but that was a great year for me. For the first time I started living for myself; I graduated from college and transitioned to a corporate employee and moved out of my parents’ house (something I couldn’t wait to do) to the cosmopolitan city of Bombay where I made quite a few friends, then again made a second move just two weeks back to fun and young Bangalore from where I’m currently writing this (I realize that I’ve lived in 3 cities in last one year); I gained social and financial independence, started paying my own bills and rent with my own earned money; I got drunk numerous times in Bombay, experienced the vibrant nightlife of the city and had lot of fun; but most importantly, I grew personally, by living on my own in the metropolis of Bombay, gaining confidence in my independence, meeting new people, learning about new cultures and discovering various aspects of life which only Bombay shows you.

But 23, it’s much different. I’m at that stage of life where my choices are running out fast, though today I get to choose what I want to do in coming few years of my life, about my career, about my personal life, but 10 years from now I won’t have the liberty to choose. But still, next couple of years are going to be exciting. All major decisions of my life will be taken in this time period, and I am clear about them. I’m sure that at 40 when I look back at my 20s, I won’t be regretting the choices I made in my life, just as I have no regrets as of now.

So cheers to my completion of the 23rd rotation around the sun. It’s pretty exciting, this stage of my life. I’m excited, by the city of Bangalore, about what’s to come, so bring it on life, I’m all ready. Meanwhile I’m off for the weekend in this vibrant city.


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