Excerpt from the diary…

What is the purpose of human beings in life? Nothing. Why do humans think of themselves as special? Of course we’re biologically evolved and technologically advanced but in the entire scheme of things, how different are we from, say, dogs? Just like them we’re born, we consume resources for our survival and we perish to become worm food. No reason we should think of ourselves differently, not even on an individual level.
There are more than 7 billion of us on this planet. The rate at which we’re multiplying, the reasons for us being special are declining rapidly. There have been a million species on this planet before us, there will be million even after we’re extinct. In the entire timeline of this planet, we have occupied a minuscule amount of space. That’s it. We’re just another species for this planet. If only every human realized it, we’d have a better, more emotionally evolved and mature race. Surprisingly all of it is not hard to grasp. Just look at the night sky. The light we see from the stars is not the present. For all we know the star might have become a supernova and we’ll know only after hundreds of years when the light reaches us. That’s how insignificant we are.

Now coming to an individual human being. If he realizes this, he’ll picture himself differently in his situation. He’s here for a short span of time. No matter how insignificant his life might be, why shouldn’t he live it the way he wants to? That’s individualism; and in the society that has evolved till date, it is an accepted concept in many parts of the planet. Just that I was born in the wrong one.


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